TheHillBilly's Pineapple Express Auto Grow - Soil - LED

Hey, all! I am starting this Pineapple Express Auto Grow- same tent, same setup and environment as I have for the Blue Mystic Auto and the Blueberry Auto (both currently growing). I will begin posting plant pics as soon as she sprouts. Here is the set up:

Breeder: Barney's Farm
Strain: Pineapple Express Auto
Strain Type: ~70% Indica ~30% Sativa (mixed with some % Ruderalis)
Light: 2x300W Full Spectrum LEDs
Light Schedule: 20/4 for the full life of the auto
Space: 2x2x4 Grow Tent
Container: 3 gallon Fabric Smart Pots
Soil: Top half Promix / bottom half is Kind Soil
Temperature: 70°-80°F
Humidity: ~ 50%
Nutrients: None - I grow organic only - no additives/no ferts/no nutes
# Plants = 1
Date Planted: 12/8/2016
Germination Method: Seed planted directly in pot it will finish in

Feel Free to join the ride.....(~65 days from seed to harvest is expected)

She sprouted today - it's day 1!! Took 4 days to sprout from seed. It is in the pot in the back (the front pots Right is Blue Mystic Auto and Left is Blueberry Auto )




I am a "less is more" kind of guy. So I just use tap water that has been through one of those Pur water filters that attaches to your kitchen faucet, sometimes I use bottled water. I used a kind soil/organic promix for a Blueberry Domina auto that finished last month. The plant had aphids at one point and I had to harvest 2 weeks early due to business travel and I still got 1.25OZ of dried bud from it. That's a win for me!!

Yeah, soil can be tricky with pests for all indoor plants. The most effective way to get rid of aphids (and most other pests) is insecticidal soap spray for gardens (you can buy this almost anywhere and it is like $5). I had to use it on that last grow and it worked. There is also a more natural spray you can make from water, mineral oil, garlic and dish soap (hot peppers optional).
Hey FuzzyGreen - I love them, and more importantly the girls love them. I only had 1x300W for most of my first grow and I was happy with the results. So far so good!!

Well, Good morning to all! Pineapple Express Auto is 7 days old this morning (pot in the back). Looking healthy so far....:peace2:



It's day 14 for the Pineapple Express Auto form Barney's Farm. I moved her to the front (on the right) because the Blue mystic was getting to big to reach over for watering, etc. All is well and happy....



Happy New Year Everyone! I hope 2017 is the year that cannabis is completely legalized!

Hay folks... today is day 21 for the Pineapple Express Auto. She is looking great and was just tall enough to start LST on the main cola (last picture on the bottom). 2017 starting off great!




Sorry folks - been 22 days since my last post - the Pineapple Express Auto is now 42 days (6 weeks from seed). It is the left pot in the picture. The buds are growing crazy fast and she is healthy. My only concern at this point is the size and amount of sugar leaves on the bud - a lot more than other strains I have grown. All goof though! Happy growing!


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