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TheLearner - My Introduction


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I registered here a few weeks ago when I started getting properly interested in growing as I could never do it before because of where I was living. I posted once here when I got my equipment and didn't post in that thread again until yesterday when I started getting more interested in the site after reading a lot of content and seeing how informative and helpful people are here. So I thought I should introduce myself as I will be sticking around here for a while.

I'm originally from Scotland, but I am now living in Southern California. Before I moved here I lived in London for the last few years while I was at university. After graduating university I decided it was time that I moved over to California, it had always been a life long dream from when I was very young, and it made sense for me as a whole in my situation. I had been working with an IT company while I was in university who agreed to transfer me over when I was ready to move, which made things easier for me. I also had always had dual-citizenship so it wasn't too hard for me to move here with the job already there for me.

I started smoking just after I turned 18 (when I moved to London for university), I originally started as a friend that was staying with me for a few weeks smoked. I joined in and after smoking for a few weeks I had started to notice that it was actually very helpful for a condition I was diagnosed with when I was 16. Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder I spent a lot of time in and out of hospitals through my teenage life and at one point I spent 6 months in a Psychiatric hospital. Most of the medication I was on, SSRI tablet (Sertraline) and sleeping medication (Zopiclone). These had undesirable side effects and I had overdosed on these several times so it was getting harder to have medication I needed prescribed to the point where I had to pick up a days supply of tablets everyday from the hospital.

Well anyway, when I started smoking with my friend for the three weeks he was staying with me, I noticed that I was neglecting to take my medication after about a week as by smoking it was making it a lot easier for me to sleep at night without the use of the sleeping tablet that I had became reliant on for over 9 months. It was also helping regulate my emotions in a way and when I was smoking my mood was always stable and had relatively no major fluctuations between being too High (Happy) or Low (Depressed) I was in a middle ground that helped me think straight and work more effectively which I didn't experience very often even when on my anti-depressant (it helped but wasn't consistent plus had side-effects that I couldn't cope with). It was effectively negating the need for me to take my medication that I was reliant on to stay out of hospital for a few months. This was one of the other reasons I decided to move to California, to be able to live my life normally with higher quality and legal medication. I had been using it constantly in the UK to keep myself stable and stay out of hospital and I haven't been in hospital for over 2 years now after getting out of being in hospital for 6 months.

It's had a major impact on my life and has helped me move forward out of a bad phase of my life to a more happy stable and with good future prospects. As I said earlier I recently got interested in growing and I have now started my first grow of Short Ryder Fem Autos (5 seeds - all in seedling stage (5 days since germination)) I have started a grow journal for it and would appreciate if you could check it out: Over Here

Hope to get to get to know a few people are here and learn a lot in my journey of growing.


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Greetings TheLearner and welcome to :420: :welcome:

Thanks for taking the time to post this terrific introduction. Your story is one of the testimonies to the fantastic healing powers of cannabis and we're so grateful you decided to share it here.

I've taken the liberty of preparing a signature link to your grow journal for you should you wish to use it. Just copy it, then go to the top menu, Settings-Settings and choose edit signature. Paste it in there and change the initial [XRL to [URL and all your posts will be signed with your journal to make it easy for folks to find.

[XRL="[URL][URL][URL][URL]https://www.420magazine.com/forums/journals-progress/224884-learners-first-grow-1000w-hps-mh-hydroponics-short-rider-auto-fem.html[/URL][/URL][/URL][/URL]"]Learners first grow: 1000w hydro Short Rider[/URL]

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask FAQs And check out New Member Start Links for some great tips on using and navigating the site.

:peace: :Namaste:


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Thanks, I added the url to my signature.

I was generally against any sort of smoking when I was younger, would refuse to smoke marijuana when offered because of "morals" or whatever. Until I actually gave it a try that time with my friend was with me, it changed a lot for me and made life so much better. With the medical marijuana legalization a lot of people are getting the medication that they need now and it's improving thousands of peoples life's. A beautiful plant that can have beautiful effects on a person's life.


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Hello Learner. Welcome to 420 & CA. Good intro. Doctors tried all kinds of meds on my son & his depression. None worked, worse yet, they messed him up more. Now he's only uses cannabis, and for the most part he gets by ok.

That's the thing about anti-depressants and other drugs to treat it. Doctors often misdiagnose and treat with the wrong things, and these drugs can seriously fuck people up if not the right ones for there true condition. I know I went through various diagnosis before I got to one that actually describe me to a tee. For a while I was treated for bipolar and various other drugs where, my condition there is no treatment drug wise for it the only real treatment is years of therapy - which I don't have the time and energy to attend twice a week with my work schedule.

Cannabis helps a lot in my opinion with depression. Finding the strain that works for you really, I generally smoke sativas as these help me snap out of a depressive episode when it starts. It relaxes, me makes me happier, I work better and various other things, a pure sativa or sativa dominant hybrid are great for treating people with depression or related illnesses.


I forgot to mention, the reasons I generally stay away from Indicas is because the effect of making me tired and lazy as such just contributes to what my depression is already doing to me, intensifying my depression. I can only really smoke these when I'm absolutely sure I'm 100% stable in my mind that it won't trigger my depression.


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I have been reading a lot on the website and learned a lot already in the space of a few weeks. That's why I decided to stay here and partake in the forum. I've seen so many knowledgeable people as well as friendly, it generally feels like a place you want to be and learn and talk to others and join each other in their journey.
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