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TheMilkMan: Random Bush Seed HydroCoco - Fluros


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Hi All! :welcome:

Welcome to my 3rd Grow!

I had no seeds and a visit to a mate whose always blazing he announces hes been picking seeds out of his buds and we have "cheese" seeds on his desk.

So I just said "whatever its good" and took them home and germinated them.

I grew it in my old closet from the previous "budget" closet grow


and then got my new cupboard when I flowered in before a 3 month endless downpour which turned into a flood.

The city cut the power right on the end of the flower stage.

I grew 2 plants, one a indica which went male, and 1 a sativa female (yes! as I wanted to try Sativa!) which took off for the sky like a jet fighter on full burn.

This was my first Sativa grow and I didnt understand the speed at which these things can grow.

It was also a TRIAL grow, to see what happened with pruning, topping and tying down as well as super cropping.

So, I was going to basically abuse this plant and see what it did!

I'm skipping the details of nutes and stuff, see my Super Lemon Haze Grow (coming) for the details.

I honestly cant remember a lot about it anymore it was almost a year ago.

When I get up, I will make an effort tommorow to finally get a stack of year old grow photos up!

ONWARDS! :thumb:


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Re: TheMilkMan: Random Bush seed HydroCoco / Fluros

Since the Sativa just took off like a lightning bolt, I Tied it.

I then tried some method of trimming to make more branches...Dunno what happened in the end.


I re-engineered my Light Shade to Fit 2 Lights.

Balls! My Indica went Male, So that means CHOP CHOP! Sativa onwards!

Sativa Female!

Before Supercropping

After Supercropping

Next Day, Straight Back up!

Trying some fancy cheap "getting water out without moving plant method".

Another SuperCrop! Its out of Control!

Straight Back up!



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Re: TheMilkMan: Random Bush seed HydroCoco / Fluros

I had to re-engineer the Fan because it was making so much noise, so did with expandable Piping.

Put my pipe on top of the netting to keep it down off the light.

It grew so fast It was coming up the sides to get the light.

Clamps all round to keep the grow down.

As you can see, its just packed in there and keeps growing!

I'd open the door and it would fall out, there was so much going sideways and everywhere trying to get to the light.

Topped it x 2 and Super Cropped it x 4 : KEEPS ON GROWING

When I took it out of the cupboard to redo it, It was so Hard to get back in!

Floods Started, power went out: 1 day of darkness: Harvest!

This is by far the heaviest indoor I have done under Flouros.

Left it outside for the night, since everyone was evacuated.
Only me and housemate there!


Biggest bud

Still Growing Sideways at harvest

Trimmin it up on the kitchen table



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Re: TheMilkMan: Random Bush seed HydroCoco / Fluros

Different Kinds of Buds. ALL LOOKS THE SAME TO ME!!! :yummy:


Not bad for some Random Bush Weed Seeds!

Yield Dry was over 2.5 Oz.

It was decent high, Smooth, really good Joint smoking material.


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