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There & Back Again by Blahbuddy Blah


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Hello there, how are we all doing today?

I started a grow sometime around August 7th, Northern Lights autoflower, quite a pathetic attempt I must say. I made a horrible mistake in a moment of information overload and soaked the soil at the bottom of my plant before putting it into an 11 litre (UK) pot, although still inside a polstyrene cup with the bottom cut out I had convinced myself the roots would make a beeline for the damp soil (I was a moron). It has since suffered a great deal of problems since and only grew to around 40 cms, I have tied some of her down and she is now on day 68 but she isn't looking particularly great. I've had the lights on 24 hours, I use soil with soul and heart, cant remember the name but it's one of the goodies, not foxfarm but that kinda standard, it has perlite, bark, soil and wee round balls of explosive nutrient goodness as far as I can tell. My light is either a 400w or 600w hps, was given to me years ago by a friend of a friend to the power of ten. I have no ph tester, no humidity/eh etc... reader, I do have nutrients, a 1,2,3 grow, bloom and something else, something dark (in colour) I have a desktop fan for ventilation.

I know it's not ideal but it is what it is.

I also have two bagseed plants which are just over 2 weeks old and 3 weeks old, the 2 week old one fell out of it's pot completely but after a few days started coming back strong lol amazing how resiliant weed can be but the clue is in the name I suppose, the 3 week old one should show sex anyday as far as I am aware.

The dream, with referance to light, is the Mars II 400w but we shall see! Pics to follow in the next few days, dont have my phone at the moment but will later tonight.

David Bowman

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