They Found A Little Something Extra In Their Amazon Order - 65 Pounds Of Marijuana

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The first tip off was the weight. Four empty plastic storage bins should not weight more than 93 pounds.

Then the smell –an overpowering odor akin to the old Hollywood Sportatorium rock concert hall in the 1970s.

But that is what has an Orlando couple feeling dazed and confused. When the pair opened their order from Amazon that arrived at their doorstep they found the storage bins loaded with 65 pounds of wrapped marijuana.

"They were extremely heavy, heavier than you would think from ordering four empty bins," one of the customers told WFTV.

She asked not to be identified. "We were still pretty fearful our home would be broken into, and we didn't sleep there for a few days," she said.

The marijuana sat inside boxes wrapped in green plastic inside the black bins. Police seized the drugs and are investigating, WFTV reports, adding that the customers reported the incident to Amazon immediately and were never able to speak to a supervisor. They went back and forth mostly via emails for about a month, the TV station reported.

Eventually, the couple received an email and a $150 gift card with the message, "I am unable to do anything else at this time."

Amazon didn't respond to an email inquiry from the Miami Herald on Saturday about the mix up. The company told the ABC affiliate that its customer service team had worked directly with the customers to address concerns and would work with law enforcement officials to investigate the case.

The customers, who said they are frequent Amazon shoppers, still want an apology and an explanation about how bales of pot wound up in the plastic totes they ordered for storage.

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