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Thieves steal marijuana look-alikes

Jim Finnel

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There’s some digging to be done on a Barrie, Ont. mystery after 10 green, pointy-leafed plants were stolen out of a front garden early Thursday morning.

Piri Currie said if whoever stole her plants is going to try to smoke them, they’re “stupid.”

The plants are not marijuana, but a spider plant called cleome, which is not normally smoked.

Some gardeners say cleome looks and smells very much like marijuana in its early stages of growth.

Currie said the next morning a trail of dirt could be seen stretching across the her front yard, sidewalk and onto the street.

She said she thinks her plants were loaded into a vehicle and driven away.

Fort Frances Times Online -- Daily News from Fort Frances and Beyond -- www.fortfrances.com

Smokin Moose

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I'm a gardener by trade and know the cleome well. It does look like ganja until it starts to flower. The blooms are sort of like the nerine but more delicate. Funny story. I can see how they could make the mistake lol.


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it'd be better if they replanted it and tried to flower it. LOL i just googled up "cleome" and aside from the bright colorful flowers i gess it does kinda have that pyramidical shape of a canplant.

im thinking maybe if it was really dark and i was high anyways, i would've stolen it too if i walked by...



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I got into a little trouble at work when I was a nursery consultant for the home depot by ordering In abunch of liliac chaste trees and spider plants! I gave em a full table all to themselves and all the tag said was 1 gallon ornamental. It raised alot of eyebrows and I got a hellova kick out of it. I am no longer employed there lol
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