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Thieves Suck!


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My chill spot in my garage was raided by thieves, they took 2 bongs, my dro pipe, and 2 grams of the best dro I've had, and I didn't even get to figure out what strain it was. On the bright side, this gives me a chance to focus on the things I need to accomplish for the next couple of weeks, but it still sucks. Total value of the losses comes out to about $200. On the bright side, this gives me a chance to get a security system for my garage/house, I can find better stash spots, and also this gives me an excuse to bring in some new pieces.


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Get a dog or two. If you're growing then security system will just invite LEO. They might want to come in to take a look for report writeup purposes. If you suspect it's the neighborhood crime then try and find a different place to move to. Best of luck!


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I agree with Twelve12 on this one. A dog can be very helpful even if only for the barking purpose. Would be best if the dog doesn't bark constantly over the littlest things so as to not have your neighbors begin to hate you. Hopefully everything works out.
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