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Think I have the rust (+ pics)


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Been too long without a pest problem..... my apartment is on the ground. It seems my landlady's garden is full of pests. Anyways....

I'm growing Jack Herrer in soil:

65% local organic potting soil (pretty good quality)
25% perlite
10% worm castings

pH of this mixture is about 6.4-6.5. I had a vermiculite problem - was holding my soil pH at ~7.5. A couple of clones that are a little over 1 month old had this pH problem, moved them into new soil, without vermi, washed most of the bad soil out of their rootball (5 days ago). pH looks better - runoff was 7.0 today, when I watered. I use RO water and BioBizz ferts - BioGrow, BioBloom & Algamic - though I haven't been feeding these clones yet, with the exception of Algamic (every other watering). Also gave them 400 ppm Epsom Salts today.

They have the signs of rust, as shown in the pictures. There are also some dots on the undersides of affected leaves. It only affects parts of the old growth.

As you can see I mist them occasionally, to keep dust from clogging the stigmata. Got good ventilation - fan blowing across the tops + exhaust fan. Temps are good. I haven't got a humidity meter YET, but RH in my area is between 25%-45%, usually around 30%. My grow room is constantly cooled by an AC (else we all get cooked), and there is an air flow through the room. I know I should probably fill my grow cabinets that are inside that room with trays full of water....


I have Leaf Coat - could that be useful against this?



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I have terminated my mother plants - they had it bad. Removed all the visibly affected leaves on my clones, then sprayed them all with Leaf Coat - from above and below (mostly from below).

Two of the clones are 6 weeks old, look pretty healthy after I removed the sick foliage (maybe 20-25% of total foliage). It's time for them to go into bloom. My blooming plants are also affected - they have it real bad. So I've been thinking - should I harvest them early, clean the bloom-box thoroughly and move my clones into bloom? Do I need to wait with that and maybe give another treatment, or a different one?

According to my setup I take clones every 3 weeks, harvest 2 plants every 3 weeks, which means my bloom box is constantly in 12/12 with plants moving in and out.

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