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Thinking about a New Bong


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Alright this is a Magic Glass bong:
Height : 44cm
Joint : 18.8
Total Volume : 900 ml
Water Volume : 250 ml
Smoke Volume : 650 ml

Bob Marley adorns this bong with a sandblasted moutpiece and a sandblasted bowl. Easy to hold and the kink neck provides ample room for ice!


-Lift off bowl
-18.8 joint
-Bistabil as standard
-Three part downstem
-Schott Duran Pyrex
-No carb (weedcity exclusive)

i would probably get a Roor diffuser for it as well (anyone know what length would fit best?)

all for about $104.65 + what is probably expensive shipping
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anyone know where these could be cheaper and without the extreme shipping rates?


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it looks like a nice ass bong, sorry i cant help you find a better deal though


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WOW man thats a great deal if it's quality glass. Your gonna pay like 40$ for shipping though huh? I am not familiar with the Magic Glass variety but I have heard of them. Only thing is the neck is nice to hold but hard to clean. Just a thought, but otherwise I would say get it for sure.


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ya im pretty sure shipping is like 40 or so bones... thats a bit of a bitch i think. Magic Glass is supposed to be up there with Ph(x) and such in the quality and strength of their glass. But ya the neck can be annoying to clean but i use salt and iso to clean so it shouldnt matter too much right?


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HAHA420, if you want some good bongs and cheap shipping, talk to my homegirl KittyLoaf, she'll hook you up with some nice G on G. ;)


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KL can you get diffusers for cheap? The cheapest ones i can find are just as much as the bong! ($50)
Also are any diffusers more efficient then other? (ie the small holes over the crescent moon type)


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Kittyloaf said:
$30 for a 14.4 Roor difusser.
Probably around $35 for an 18.8.

Roor difussers are the best- 10 holes!

oooo thats much better!! i would be looking into a 18.8


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A good bong is a member of the group, $120 ain't bad for something you'll presumably have for years through good times and bad. I definately paid too much for my bong, but I figured 'fuck it' and it doesn't have the decorative features and sandblasting. I really don't know what the debate is...get the bong and add it to the family. Treat it with kit gloves and you'll have it long enough to pass down to your kids when they go off to college lol.


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YaBoyBigDean said:
Ok This Has Been Confusing Me Even When Im Not High..
Is Bongman The Same Person As Old Bong Man?

lmao, kind of strange place to ask but yes oldbongman changed his name to bongman a couple weeks ago, same dude different name, his super mod powers allowed him to do this
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