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Thinking of moving to Cali


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My wife and I are thinking about moving to California at the end of the year when she graduates. Specifically around the Humboldt area. Anyone here from around there? I just want to get a feel of what it's like. We aren't moving just for the medical herb, though, that is a big perk for me. I have social anxiety disorder (among others) so from what I have been told it shouldn't be too hard to acquire a recomendation. Are there specific doctors you are supposed to go to? Any advice would be helpful! I live in NC now, and I like it as a state, and the scenery is beautiful...nothin like those smokey mts. I feel like the only place I would rather live is California, so why not? I'm not gonna be confined to a place just because I was born here. I look forward to hearing what you all have to say!


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Good luck on movin 2 Calif~~this is a great state~~
lived here all my life~~Doc's for medical marijuana
aren't 2 hard 2 find~~There are lists of doc's on
the internet jus so you know~~Lucky you~~sum
of the best weed comes from Humboldt county
grown in Calif~~We welcome you~~
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