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Thinking of new setup


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Right now i have a 150w hps and one jack widow under it. Well if you look at my journal my jack widow out grew my hps about 2 weeks ago. So thinking for my next grow I want try the capn grow style. I wanna get a 600w hps and 3.5 ft by 3.5 ft by 6 ft grow tent. I wondering is it possible to run a 600w hps in that area without out a cool-tube or hood, like just a reflector. I was planning to have a regular fan running into the tent so the tent would be open and the fan outside blowing air into the tent. Would this cause temp. to go to high? Right now my 150 hps is running at 70-79f degrees. I just want to know what to expect.


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HPS like to run as hot as the sun imo.. if your not going to use a cool tube, then you will need good airflow crossing the top of the tent, or do a good intake and exhaust vent, in a 3x3 temps will climb quickly w/o getting rid of that heat quickly.. What you could do is get a 6" exhaust fan with a speed controller and adjust it as needed to reg the temp in the tent.. But without an intake fan it will suck the tent in unless you leave it open, wich can make flowering impossible.. I would think it best to be able to control the tent while its close up to avoid any issues.
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