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This a Hermie?

Hazie Clear

New Member

Feminized auto widow. Week 2 1/2 in bloom. Are these pollen sacks? They have a dark hair coming out of them. Will these jack up my other fems?

Hazie Clear

New Member
Again, thanks, this is my first auto. Though I have seen this on other non autos , just not so prominate. I really appreciate u helpin me out.


420 Member
No problem, I'm always happy to help when I can.

I've seen this on autos and photo strains, but I've also seen both types of plants grow without the calyxes swelling as much. I think it depends on the strain mostly. They all have different genetics that produce plants of different heights, widths, Cannabinoid levels all vary, and characteristics like the amount of trichomes and swollen calyxes can vary as well.
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