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This cheese needs advise. Is this close to harvest

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Since this is my first grow I want to get good quality out of my harvest. Advice would be welcome on this question.....Are my plants close or ready for harvest, or how long should I wait? Hopefully the pics will help..
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From last week the color has changed to darker so we wondered if we're close. And the "crystals" look like mushrooms. We read that they start loosing leaves though and that hasn't happened.


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Thats a sweet looking girl,congrats on a kickass first time

before jewelers loupe,75-80% of the hairs receding/turning brown/orange was a good indicate.Personally(just from pictures) its about done.
Check this thread out my friend when to harvest

Best advice I could give is to get a cheap jewellery loupe that has 40-60x room and wait till most the trichomes are a nice milky colour!
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I got a zoomed in pic of the plant. Hope you can help. And tks for the pics and advice. The debate continues..#newbees
to me they aren't ready yet . and it all depends on the kind of high your looking for , once they start to get cloudy and ambered u can make a decision .:bravo: on the great looking plants .
They looked pretty milky in the pic. Next time pick up a 60X (or even 30 X) microscope/jewelers loupe.

I remember my first harvest. I thought trimming was going to be easy. Six hours late, and three pairs of cheap broken scissors, sticky hands, and a house that stunk for days, I knew a lot better.
but i bet u were still smiling though lol
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Haha it was six hours and we threw our hands up so at it again tonight 2 branches left then the next cheese plant will get the trim and its just as promising. Then it will be my babies turn my Og Widow. She's looking sweet.