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I had seen the 'news short' on this campaign ad just a few hours ago. Sounds like a good ad, straight up and forward. The chair in the field is interesting. It gives the appearance of being relaxed and straight up and forward without that appearance of being in some sort of formal setting.

The first thing that came to mind was the scene from The Matrix where Morpheus and Neo are sitting in stuffed chairs at their first meeting. Morpheus opens the the small case he is twirling around in his hands and shows Neo the Blue Pill and the Red Pill.

Then Morpheus says “You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”


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Someone gets arrested every 37 seconds? Whoever it is must be one slippery motherf*cker, ha ha ha.

But seriously, though, are there really that many people left who can't pass the practical IQ test of not getting arrested for cannabis? I'd have thought it would be much lower. Not "none," obviously, because some people still do some pretty dumb sh!t. Like the moron in a nearby town who beat his old lady unconscious, then went to bed like it was just a normal day. She regained consciousness, as people tend to do, crawled to a neighbor's house, and called 911. She refused to press charges (as mentioned, some people still do some pretty dumb sh!t :rolleyes:), but did give the cops permission to enter the house and talk to the guy. Upon entering, they found a multi-room grow operation; apparently hedidn't bother to keep the rooms' doors shut, or something. So he still got to go to jail even though his wife flaked out when it was time to press charges for that round of pin the fist on the wife.

And there are still some every year who make the news for speeding past a cop on the interstate in a beat-up POS with (often expired, or stolen) out of state tags - who turn out to have as many pounds of bud as they can fit into the car. I guess they haven't heard about UPS - and seal-a-meal devices - yet.

But most people have an IQ that's higher than 80, don't they?


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Yeah, too right. Too many bleeding hearts want to save every numbnuts instead of sticking to orphaned puppies. It means that, instead of quickly ending with an official medical examiner's finding of death by misadventure... the idiots live long enough to breed. And "innovation" has come to mean a slightly more powerful cell phone, or replacing the perfectly functional and easy to use (even when wearing gloves) without looking mechanical controls in automobiles with unnecessarily cumbersome touchscreen crap.

I hope our species goes extinct while there are still enough natural resources left to give whatever next attains apex status half a chance.


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I got to thinking... for years, people worried about the possibility of nuclear war. They said it would put the world into an extended Winter. Now they're saying that this portion of the hemisphere is quickly headed toward an endless Summer. So what I was thinking is that it's probably a really good time to turn Beijing into a radioactive crater. Whatever shithole that crazy fat North Korean fuck lives in, too; after all, he's been telling his citizens that the country is still at war with ours - why not accommodate him. We could always make it a triple play... but the average Iranian is a pretty decent sort, and their leaders would probably decide to calm the **** down the second they saw the video of 600 mushroom clouds.

And, if the worriers are correct, it'd mean it wouldn't be so hot that I'd still be sitting in a puddle of my own sweat even when I was completely naked next August. So it'd be a win for everyone! Well, not the Chinese politburo and Kim Jong-fuckface, but like they say, who cares, lol.
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