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this is my first soil grow


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I have grown in aeroponics before but this is my first time in soil. I live in the bible belt and just got finished paying my dues to the man for the past 4 years. Now that we are square I am at it again. Cultivation of marijuana is my calling in life. NO ONE is gonna keep me from it. I planted 47 seeds of 4 different known strains and a few randoms. I have a 1000w mh/hps switchable and I am using happy frog soil with fox farm grow big and big bloom. I planted them a few days before 4/20/11. I am down to 37 plants currently. they are all working on their 5 leaf pattern. most have tight nodes and are looking good.


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Re: this is my first soil grow.

Well then this is the place for you friend, Welcome to our community it has called to all of us in the same way and has helped many of us greatly.

Might i suggest starting a grow journal and get this rolling for us all to see and give tips on, how much light do you have for 37 plants?

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