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hey everyone I'm 57 yr old disabled for 23 yrs. 32' fall head & totally messed up back, nervous system, bi polar, depresant, plus all the gettin old stuff like glacoma ( younger brother already blind from it), heart problems( only sibling not to have heart attack or valve replacement yet),REAL high uncontrolled blood pressure( up to 225 /195/60), arthritis, etc. Do you think I qualify for medical use yet? i come from land of lincoln (IL>) where they passed medical law in 78 but haven't developed administrative authority yet.??? Where is the help to get this working for people like me? I live on a disability check so I can't afford street dope would like to cultivate my own &give me something constructive to do.
Just found ur webpage & joined. interested in info to help support medicinal laws here in IL. as well as all states. I can write letters, sign petitions, etc. if pointed in right direction. Can authorized officials in other 13 medical states possibly be of influence or guidance = appreciated. is 78 law oldest on books can't we pressure our state to finish administration system or home grow & use only, to help those in need. I don't believe medical smoke is replacement of modern medical practices but should be used to complement it. Personally i see no problem to having to be on private property during medication. Any help appreciated!
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Welcome to the site; Hope you start a grow and see how very interesting yet easy it is to do along with the end rewards of smoking your own herb. :high-five:


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Hi welcome to the forum. Don't think IL is part of the 17 legal states, yet.

These are the legal states (at the moment):

New Jersey
New Mexico
Rhode Island

If you can move to one of those states you'll be more than qualify. There are plants limit in each state. Growing your own is best you know exactly what goes into the plant and how it turns out. Quality control by you. We can help you get started on it here in this forum when you are ready.


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Hey jwart, :welcome: to 420 Magazine!
I think you'll find this is the best mmj community out there... Dedicated to spreading awareness of the benefits of Cannabis. :thumb:

Our members are some of the most knowledgable and the most helpful anywhere!

If you search "norml il" the first hit will be the Illinois NORML site. There's a lot of info there. It looks like there was a medical cannabis bill back in August that they were urging people to contact their legislators about. If you want to get involved locally I might start there...they're usually looking for volunteers! :thumb:

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Hey if yu are in Illinois go to southwest Michigan , Grand Rapids , close to your old state and not far for yu to move at all . Your illnesses qualify you there it will cost yu $125.00 total for the test , application and card .
You are allowed 12 plants in Michigan , man 12 .....2-3 foot Indica Kush females is enough herb to totally saturate your system no matter HOW much you can eat in cannabutter or smoke in hash and herb . Goodbye pain , hello happiness , also invite your brothers and other family members over 12 plants is a HUGE amount of indoor herb man !
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