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This looks promising


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Filling out nice!
This one on the other hand, Barneys G13Haze, is a stretchy small running bud plant. It’s yeild will suck, but I took a sample cut at 7 weeks, and it’s potency is off the charts.

True one hit wonder. That’s said, it needs to calm down a bit. It’s bordering on paranoid. Lol

if it calms down a tad, like it should as it ripens, it’s gonna be personal stash quality.

Won’t have much bag appeal, but it’s a real deal sativa high.


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This finished up nicely. The bud clusters were huge wet, however as they dried, they did separate into lots and lots of medium size individual flowers.

Very few sugar leaves, easy manicure.

Yield was incredibly average for me At a couple grams under 4oz dry from the plant.

Earthy hazy taste, nice old school sativa effects.

Nice strain. Especially considering how short and heavy she was for such sativa heavy genetics
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