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This may sound stupid, but...


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ok, i have been a member here for some time and been posting regularly. about two months ago it came to my attention this was a magazine site...i always had accessed this through 420times.com anyways...
how do you go about a subscription to the magazine? or is there one?
idea...maybe make the purchasing of this 'magazine' easier for us who get stoned and make impulse buys, then you will have all sorts of subscribers...if there is a magazine...haha but ive seen pics on the homepage but they take me to the forum...im lost in the world of circles.
THANKS! :allgood:


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Its not actually a magazine. Its just the name. The "cover" for the magazine you saw was simply a photoshop image for decoration. This is just a forum/information site.


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I thought it was funny that its called 420 magazine but it don't ask you to subscribe anywhere.


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I consider this a magazine, home page is full of articles relating to all things MJ. Lots of info about bands, Med MJ, Growing, there are sponsors, photos. . . It differs in the fact that the creator is not the only one keeping this site going, there is a great community that helps keep this site fresh. This got me thinking, I really should get a donation out to 420, He charges us nothing for all of this. .. :peace:
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