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This rookie needs some fast flower grow tips!


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That had to be a genetic fluke or seed mixup! Any northern lights I've grown auto or photo maxed out at 3' tops.
I did have some white rhinos get 7' tall at bloom for 16 weeks. I swore they were vines! Supposed to be a stout 8 week plant! Maybe the seedbank had a mixup or something but needless to say I don't use them anymore

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Hey guys! Been on a bit of a hiatus but have got an NL auto growing in the portable greenhouse I picked up on the costco website. This thing has been great even after being completely blown out of the dirt in the early veg stage. Extremely resilient. Its been getting down to below 0 at night here so ive got a heater in there with her set to 21°c. I think im in week 5 or 6 of flowering and will be ready to harvest soon. Any tips for flushing, cutting and trimming you guys could throw at me would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey guys, so its been 90 days from seed and im wondering when the best time to harvest is. I bought a jewelers loupe but its a pos and have to be touching the bud to see the trichomes. Id say 65% of the pistils are amber colour and trichs are a mix of clear and cloudy. Doesnt seem to be sucking up any water either. Any tips for the last few days or week? I read to leave it in the dark for 3 days right before harvest...is that accurate? Any info helps, tia.


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Well, I finished it off in the garage with a heater and 2x100w lights on a 24-0 light cycle for a week. It turned out pretty good. Cured for 10 days and it smokes like dream. Very smooth and flavorful. Already looking forward to growing more in the spring. Be well my friends.




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