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This smells interesting...


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I am growing White Widow and took a tasty bud for a trial run. The high was incredible but before I go there the smell cought my attention. It was like there was none. When I picked it, it smelled stingy and sharp can't really put my finger on it. But after it dried... nothing. I couldn't smell a thing.

The smoke was off the charts, 2 hits and I felt fuzzy all over my face then just short of 3 hours of none stop laughing. I mean we were laughing because we were laughing. That kind of high.

Is this common with WW? Does it give of any other kind of highs? Two months ago my whole lower level smell of skunk now nothing I am about a week from harvest. I have new seeds coming from the same place but its been about a year between buys do you think that will make a difference.

Thanks for your input in advance

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