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Thor's Bag Seed First Grow - 2014

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I've been growing 3 plants for the past month and thought it was about time to document their journey so far. After VERY humble beginning's (I went super budget - most of my equipment has been salvaged and collected along the way) things are on their way slowly but surely. Welcome to anyone reading this and please don't be shy to give me your input/opinions!:surf:

Breakdown of my current setup:
Strain: Unknown (Bagseed)
Strain type: Looks like Indica but who knows
Growth Stage: Vegetative
Stage period: Went into soil 08/08/2014
Environment: Indoor closet
Medium: Soil
Medium content: Roughly 35% worm castings/ 35% potting soil/ 30% Perlite
Lighting: 250W Metal Halide
Temp of Cab: 20C - 26C
PH of runoff: 6.5 (1 plant) 7 (the other 2 plants)
Pests: None Known
Watering schedule: Every 48 hours
Ferts: SeaGro Organic Plant Food
Cabinet Dimensions: 2' x 1.5' x 4'

Allrighty then, lets get some pictures up in here!

Budget little box

They spent a few days hanging out from my roof.

Finally picked up a 250W MH and a cabinet to move into!

Happy in their new home

think you might be over watering these a touch , are you letting the soil dry at all ?
How often are you feeding an what strength ?
They are showing some deficiencies
Get ph down a little as i think your locking out Mag

Some of the wiser growers will lead you down the right path

Good set up though and good luck
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Been using the "finger in soil" test method and soil has been pretty thoroughly dry after about a day and a half (36 hours), about an inch deep. I was watering them every second day, alternating between h20, then nutes 48 hours later, then h20 48 hours after that and so forth. Have been dealing with a couple deficiencies and ended up nutrient burning a little so am holding off on nutes for the moment, just watering ph balanced h20, my plant with the worst nute burn is showing healthy looking new growth ever since I stopped nutes so thats a plus. They've been off nutes for a week now, I plan on focusing on getting my ph nice and balanced and then introducing my nutes back into their feeding schedule probably at half the normal dosage.
Thanks for the input:)
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I actually haven't flushed yet, should I leave them dry a few more days and then flush after that? To flush, I simply water my plants until the runoff looks clear and then leave them to drain unless i'm mistaken? Haven't done it before so wanted to be sure.
Many thanks!
The biggest plant looks low on N to me. This is normal for lower leaves to turn yellow but id like it to happen later in the grow.
im a bit rusty so take my advice with a pinch of salt. Subbed
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Howsit alex!:welcome:
I plan on doing some flushing tomorrow, want to make sure my ph is nice and balanced and then I'll take it from there. Would trimming some of the worst affected leaves around the bottom have a negative effect on my plant? I can't see the worst damaged leaves making much of a recovery, but not sure if that's a big no no or not.
Hi buddy :)
No mate its not a "no no" i regularly trim leaves evrn healthy ones if there obstructing bud sites. But in your case unless them low leaves are withered and dead id probs leave them alone. Reason being the plants sucking goodness out of them.
yes id flush and start on half strength nutes again for the first couple of weeks , they will bounce back , let them suck the goodness out of them leaves let them drop off , i water once a week if your letting them have run off that should be plenty, if they droop before end of week water them , try and judge one day before the thirsty droop. they will let you know what they want , over watering is really bad and easy done ,roots need to dry out too to breath, over feeding is really bad and easy done , reason you will see this mistake time after time , been there my self and got the t shirt , (less is more)
Yes much happier. Looking at the before and after..... the before pik looks like theyd just hit that point of needing a drink with the slight droop
much better now though well done
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Thought I'd add in my nutrient specs here and see what you guys have to say as I'm still learning the basics.
The NPK content is:
N - 53g/kg
P - 7g/kg
K - 17g/kg
Not sure how to represent that as a percentage or ratio but that's what the label reads. They recommend 5ml (1 teaspoon) per litre of water. Haven't fed them this recently, waiting for my ph test kit that I ordered to arrive (can't find any decent ones in my area) before I do as I'm scared of putting the ph out of balance.
Any comments/ suggestions?:MoreNutes:
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Ok so I'm gearing up for flowering and have a few questions. My biggest problem is getting my hands on a suitable light for flowering at a price I can afford (near impossible) as I currently have them under an MH. Now I've done a little research and reading up and have only found conflicting information on whether its possible to run an HPS off an MH ballast, some say no, some say yes if you can magyver your ballast correctly i.e. I read somewhere that it would be possible if you installed an ignitor on your ballast and used the same wattage and brand of bulb. I know there are conversion bulbs out there but I hear 250W are rare and cost an arm and a leg anyway. So lets hear what you guys have to say, here's a few pics of my ballast if that helps.:peace:

It's pretty old school but does the job:439:
i have done it, there is loads of 250w hps bulbs out there , you could also get your hands on a cfl dual spectrum they are not too expensive and they dont need a ballast as its built in , you put blue side down in veg , then twist red side down in flower , cheap and cheerful
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So do you think I could run a 250W hps on my current ballast? If not then was thinking cfl might be the way to go for me. Will look into it thanks!:thumb:

Next question: I have a bit of credit at my local hydroponic shop and was considering investing in some BioBizz - Bio-Bloom. Worth spending the money considering I got my seeds from a very average bag of weed?