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Thoughts on plastic buckets vs Burlap bags and sizing


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I'm due for a pot upgrade, I was going to use 5 gallon plastic bucket, but was thinking maybe 7 gallon burlap bags. I'm not sure the what height I'll end up with, but I'm guessing 5'.

I've seen videos of grows in bags and they say the roots are much better off. One video show a nice large bag with handles and she compared the root balls and the bag did much better.

Anyone have an opinion on this?


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Re: Thoughts on plastic buckets vs Burlap bags and sizing...

yes i have an opinion =)

any vessel that can air prune roots, air pots, smart pots, burlap bags are a significant improvement on solid pots. you get much more lateral root branching and far less root bind.

there are some significant issues to consider tho.

burlap bag is organic and will rot.
battling pests like fungus gnats is much harder with access holes for them all over the place.
your watering habbits need to be totally different for air pots. in a standard pot ill run up to 50% perlite in my mix. in a air pot i will use zero, just soil because it can dry out much quicker in the better pot.

as to pot size. i think there is a rule of thumb like a gallon per week (4 week veg + 4 week flower would be an 8 gallon pot...or is it 8 litre? :19: )
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