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Three Arrested For Growing Record Amounts Of Marijuana

Jim Finnel

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Narcotics Officers arrested three suspects after finding 61,000 marijuana plants near a complex in Santa Barbara County. The plants were growing over a 3 mile stretch east of Twitchell Reservoir on highway 166.

Officials call this one of the largest marijuana seizures in recent history of Santa Barbara County. The estimated value is $195,000,000, according to the Sheriff's Department.

On Sunday Officials returned to the site to check for additional marijuana and found three suspects in the area. All suspects were arrested for various charges unrelated to the marijuana garden.

Fransisco Hinojosa was charged with being an unlicensed driver, Rafael Zavala and Pedro Alvarez were both charged with providing false information to an Officer. All three were placed on immigration holds by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


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This isn't anything new. I read of it happening up and down the west coast.

Mr Damago.. 9/11... very good thinking.:3::peace:


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Mexican Mafia or Nuestra Familia.. That is how they make alot of money,, send some Border Brothers into the forest, get it going.. They live off rice and beans and constantly tend to the crop. It is very rare when someone actually catches these guys.. Usually they have elaborate escape routes. But, Yes.. The Border is alot tighter,, and the Bud grows alot nicer in the cooler climate than in Mex.

I'm workin' on the HillBilly Cartel
since Nobody else seems to want the Job.
Some great genes in them thar' Hills and even some Greater Growers.
United Weed Farmers of America ...
:30: has a nice ring to it.

Herb Fellow

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I think we all should become like Johnny Appleseed except plant pot seeds everywhere we go.


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Great idea if seed were cheap...it is a fanciful thought though...MJ people sowing seed in the morning hours all over...OMG...Bush would be sure it was Al Queda:laugh2: Fill the national parks with "hemp" for the environment and allow it's citizens to tend to them...make 'em flower huge. Oh to dream a dream.
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