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Three Strains - One RDWC - Welcome To My Madness


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Thanks for taking time to check out my journal. Below is a list of my setup and a few pictures to illustrate where I'm at.

I set 2 White Widow feminized, 1 Purple Kush Feminized and 1 Critical Kush Feminized seeds in paper towel to germinate on Dec. 23rd, 2017. The seeds germinated and were planted to soil in 3" pots on Dec. 26th, 2017. The seeds broke the surface of the pots on Dec. 29th(I consider this as day 1 of the veg cycle). My plan is to top and LST the four plants and incorporate a SCROG.

Currently (Day 15 veg.)
The plants will be taken out of the soil pots tomorrow. I'll clean up the roots and put them into the RDWC system under 200 watts of MH at a distance of 21 inches above the plants.

To yield in excess of 5 ounces dry per plant.

So there you have it, up to speed. I hope you'll sub up for this grow. All are welcome, advice is expected and sarcasm is mandatory.

Strain — 2 MJ Seeds White Widow Fem, 1 Dinafem Critical Kush Fem, 1 Crop King Seeds Purple Kush Fem
# of Plants - 4
Grow Type - 4 Hydro
Grow Stage - Veg (Day 15)
Setup - RDWC
Light — 2 x 400 Watt MH 18/6
Nutrients - General Hydronponics (FloraMicro, FloraGro, FloraBloom), Cal/Mg and Z7
Medium - Hydroton
PPM - 80
EC - 160
PH - 5.8
RH - 53%
Room Temperature -70 to 75
Solution Temperature - 66 to 71
Room Square Footage - 25
Water Pump - 500 gph Submersible
Air Pump - 4 x 10.0 L/Min @ 4psi with 6" stones (1 in each bucket)




Day 15 Veg.


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