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Thrip larvae in FFOF soil?

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The guy I know that turned me on to trying my hand at growing told me to avoid FF soil because it is known to have thrip eggs in it? Being that I am going organic and already had all my soil I am a little bummed because I used FFOF as a base. Anybody find this to be true, or shouldn't I worry about it?


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Good, I thought as much. My friend is set in his ways and I just think he wants me to use his blend.
Friends, and some members of forums, are like that.


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I also have had very good luck with FF soils, especially when using them exactly as designed. Happy Frog for young plants and Ocean Forest as a final is a winning combination... and combined with the FF trio and solubles, I don't think there is a better soil system (synthetic) out there. It is a complete growing system for anyone who wants to grow superior pot but doesn't necessarily want to understand the science, but is willing to follow directions and doesnt mind buying the products. They have a complete line of additives too, each which actually make your product a little bit better for just a little bit more money.
So back to the friend's blend... some of these are actually worth investigating. The supersoil blend that I use now at one time was someone's friend's blend. It always comes down to the proof being in the pudding. If your friend produces kick ass pot, his method is worth investigating. You can always buy good commercial products, and that usually is the best way to point a new gardener of weeds... but part of that learning curve is experimentation too.
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Emilya, you reccomend I dont use FFOF for seedlings? I ask because that's what I was about to use. If I cut it with a good potting soil would that be better?


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It is just hot, but it can be used with seedlings but dont even think about adding nutes to it. I would recommend starting the seedlings with about a third of the cup filled with FFOF on the bottom and then the regular potting soil on top to start the seedling in. When you up-pot, the roots will be strong enough to handle straight FFOF without a problem.


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Thrips are everywhere. A small to smallish fan at soil line says adios amigos. lol

Here's the deal, they need to land on the soil to lay eggs and reproduce. They can't fly very well so a fan throws most all out the window. 24/0 fan and bye bye.

Bugs reproduce when the environmental conditions suit them.
Usually same conditions in our grow space, sadly.

Use weapons like fans with wind. You'd be amazed at the results.

Shields are up, borg are on bug-dar.

Edit: getting itchy again so time for IPM routine.

I always feel better after a nice shower. It's a thing.


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Keep any eye on the plants. Thrips can get out of hand. They have a long life cycle too with several stages (larvae).

Best to look into an IPM routine. (integrated pest management).
I use spinosad @ 1 tbs/gal water and foiler on 1x a week as maintenance and add in a few goodies for plant health/happiness along with. Keeps me pest free and it's organic and what most all organic farms use.
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Thanks for the info it's much appreciated. I dont actually have thrips as my plants aren't up yet. I was getting my soil mix ready and a buddy of mine told me that my soil mix would definitely have thrips in it. Turns out that he just likes to use a different mix, so he was trying to scare me away from FFOF and into using his pro mix recipe.