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Thrips & fungus gnats on sticky card near seedlings: Is spinosad safe?


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I found a few small thrips and several fungus gnats on the yellow sticky card I have hanging next to my 5 day old seedlings. It's a 6x6 tent that also includes house plants and some peppers and tomatoes. My veg/mother space will remain to be shared with my partners houseplant business but i'll have a seperate tent for flower obviously. I don't see any bugs on the actual seedlings. I'm considering beneficial nematodes/lacewings/cucumeris but for now is spinosad(Captain Jack's Dead Bug) safe to spray on seedlings?


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Hey Sangman,

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Yes, spinosad is reasonably safe but I’ve never put it on a seedling that small... so no idea there. Some sprays are harsh and the fungus gnats are probably more interested in your soil than the foliage. They lay eggs in the soil. Keep a small fan nearby moving air in your tent, not pointed directly at your seedling but adjacent to it.... but yeah between houseplants, peppers, tomatoes and now weed - the critters are looking for place to move in and throw an orgy.

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