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Just had my first thrip experience. It's a really freaky thing to have. Anyway I got a jug of spinosad and my local garden center, mixed as directed. Completely drenched the plants, and the top of the soil. Day 3 and still no sign of the nasty bits. I will post the specific brand I used later. if interested, respond and I'll hit ya back.:thumb:


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I know that spider mites have a 3 day cycle. After 3 days, you need to re-treat the plants to kill the eggs that were hiding and have now hatched.
I wonder if thrips have a similar cycle. You may need to re-treat to stop a natural recurrence of the infestation.
I don't know the answer to the question... but if spider mites do it, I only assume other bugs have a similar issue.


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We are having the same problem. Pretty infested, what did you use? Need to do it quickly before budding.

I used monterey garden insect spray with spinosad , everyone says home Depot sells it but it's online only here in colorado. I hit them really good on Tuesday and it's Sunday with no sign of the bastards. For spider mites I use garden safe fungicide 3 with the same, one dose result. The spider mite infest was 4 weeks into flower with no ill effects to the bud. The monterey stuff has a good data sheet that tells you how long after dosing you can harvest with no ill effects to the bud. Both are omri listed
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