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I recently just battled my first serious pest, Thrips. Thrips are EXTREMELY small. They are usually white in color. Not to be confused with the white fly. Thrips are almost microscopic. They are really hard to notice unless your dealing with small plants with minimal foilage. You will find them on the stems as well as the tops and bottoms of leaves.
Your plants will show symptoms such as very slow growth rate, browning of leaves and curling of leaves. These symptoms can easily be mis-diagnosed as various other problems such as a nutrient imbalance. Thrips are very quick to take over a plant. If you notice these bugs you MUST take immediate action. I was lucky enough to have my plants all in vegatative stage when this accured. If your plants are in full flower, you may need to pay attention to how much chemical you use before harvest. At the advice of the owner of the hydroponic store I frequent I did the following and eliminated the entire threat in 4 days.

I mixed a wetting agent called SM-90 with NEEM OIL in a spray bottle. It's important to use warm water but not hot. I sprayed all my plants with ALOT of solution. You must be sure to soak the entire plant top and bottom of all leaves. You can't spray to much. You want your plants saturated. Totally soaked. When you think you have done enough, spray them some more. Let your plants dry for about 1/2 hour or so. You'll be able to tell just by looking at the leaves if they're dry.

Once the plants were dry I mixed Garlic Barrier with water and sprayed my plants the same way again.

I did this for 4 days in a row with amazing results. My plants are pest free and look 100 times better.

Note: You should only spray your plants while the lights are off to avoid getting burn spots on your plants. I however did it while the plants were in the light cycle. I turned off all the lights except for 2 less intense lights. Basically I just made it a cloudy day in my grow room.

BTW Since this happened I have not seen 1 fungus gnat either. I'm thinking this will work against them as well. I actually ordered predator bugs before my thrip outbreak to combat the gnats in my garden. They arrived right after my last day of thrip treatment but I have not released them. I wanna see if this regiment acutally does kill fungus gnats. I'll keep ya posted.

If you have battled thrips and have used this regiment or any other regiment with positive results please feel free to post it here.


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I know its been along time since this thread was created and since its been active. I have what I am 99% sure is Garden Thrips. I am going to spray them with Neem oil and one of the SNS products. I think it might be 203 (so sorry its locked up in my storage space and will be grabbed tomorrow.
I have a couple of things in my arsenal but am not to sure what I want to try first. I also have a pressure sprayer that has only been used to spray neem oil since new. I like the idea of the wetting agent plus neem oil.
I have two questions what can I spray the plants in flower and how long into flower? Also whats the garlic barrier.

One of my problems is I keep finding the evidence of the thrips in the budding plants a week to ten days before they are getting harvested and am afraid to use anything. If there is someone who has learned what one can and shouldn't do please let us know here or PM me.
I really appreciate it and am willing to pay it forward and help the next grower.

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