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Throwing in the towel on DWC: bennies


The God's Gift is noticeably bigger all the way around. I can't really conclude anything, except for the fact that smaller air pumps should not be used for so many buckets, because my experiment was based on two different strains.


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It's good to see you trying different things. If you had two of the same air pumps you would probably have been happy with the results. Now you know the amount or air makes a difference. My plan was to standardize on one size pump, and get a spare for when they inevitably stop working properly. I didn't want to lose a crop due to equipment failure. You can feed the same manifold with multiple air pumps. If one fails, all the plants would still get enough air to survive until you could replace it.


I have used 951 GPH pumps for every 4 out of 12 buckets since the day I started, and I was always pleased with the results. Since I got rid of all the grow tents and expanded my grow space, I didn't really give it much thought to upgrade the air pumps after increasing the number of buckets. But that will certainly be changed as of this week. I plan to run 5 buckets per 1744 GPH pump, and I just ordered 2 more pumps to supply the other 10 buckets I'll be using. I can always just divvy up the 951 GPH pumps I have in the event of an emergency. And now that I'm gonna use 15 buckets instead of 18, I'm eager to see what the results will be next harvest.
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Good info spyro, thanks. I was beginning to conclude the air pump was not sufficient and the h2o2 helped add oxygen but it can only do so much. Next time around I'm going to add a much larger pump and keep the original one going as well with extra air stones, not just one under each plant. This would probably help in the case of the stones under the plants becoming enveloped.

I have been able to carry on though. The plants health is not great but it doesn't look like quantity will suffer, the quality seems great too. However, I am at the end of week 9 of flower and there are still barely any amber trichomes. White Widow is a 8-10 week strain but this still seems slow. Perhaps the health issues have affected how they are maturing? I'm probably just going to flush tomorrow (week 10, day 1) as they can't possibly be longer than 10 weeks.

The trichome pics are a little out of focus as my phone has a hard time through the magnifier and I was becoming impatient with how many times I've taken pics of trichomes to care about focus, but you can still see weather or not they are amber. Note, these pics are not of the fox tail plant.

This plant looks like it's fox tailing but the temps have never been above 82F and have been pretty steadily at 79F.

This gal looks good other than the crispy leaves.

I'm dreading trimming this overgrown scrog grow, lol.


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If you're struggling with dwc, maybe look into NFT mate. That's what I do. Only £30 for the reservoir ready to go. Much more forgiving than dwc and you don't need an air pump.
It's kinda the opposite of Dwc. Your growing in water with loads of air. NFT grows in air with a little bit of water.
Same results if not better. My profile pic is an auto done in NFT. It turns anything into a beast with ease.

Hard to tell but there's 2 little 20l NFT reseviors under there and a 10l Coco pot at the left and right corners.

Top half is 2 X 12/12 autos around day 60ish that have had the last 17 days on 18/6. Just into bloom.

Bottom half is 4 photos that have been in there for 17 days on 18/6 with 1 in a pot at iether side.
Fed them twice.
Never adjusted the Res.
Basic 1 part veg nutes.
Fuck all else.

The autos got the same. Now on 1 part bloom with a pk booster.
Nothing else.

No calamag, no additives, no bacteria, no bleach, no air pump, hee haw.
Easy peasy :)
(Edit) that's a lie, there's 50ppm calmag in both Res now. Recent addition tho and im only using it to treat iron Def.


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Well your plants look healthier than mine, lol.

Sorry its been so long since an update, I'm very ill. So the grow yielded 1.2 lbs of good buds plus the trim. Pretty good yield even with the problems.

The maturity was difficult to determine due to the problems, fox tailing being one of them, but the quality was still very good. I ended up harvesting at 9.5 weeks which seems long but White Widows flower time is debatable and I flushed for 4 days, just water.

Although the potency, ect. was good, it was not flushed enough. It's not terrible but most experienced smokers can tell. I certainly can. So either 4 days of flush isn't enough or perhaps the root health issues impeded the flush. Either way, next time I am definitely flushing for a week and using a flush agent for the first half. I think I'm buying or renting a trimming machine too, trimming was brutal, lol, especially with a fatigue disease.

I'm sure the air pump for the rez was not sufficient and caused the poor root health. I found a pump on Amazon a while back that was near 1000 gpm, 4 times my current one. I'll probably get something like that. Barney86, I will look into that, I think I've seen what you're talking about before.

Thanks everybody!
I'll go through my pics and post a few shortly.
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