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Throwing in the towel on DWC: bennies


The God's Gift is noticeably bigger all the way around. I can't really conclude anything, except for the fact that smaller air pumps should not be used for so many buckets, because my experiment was based on two different strains.


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It's good to see you trying different things. If you had two of the same air pumps you would probably have been happy with the results. Now you know the amount or air makes a difference. My plan was to standardize on one size pump, and get a spare for when they inevitably stop working properly. I didn't want to lose a crop due to equipment failure. You can feed the same manifold with multiple air pumps. If one fails, all the plants would still get enough air to survive until you could replace it.


I have used 951 GPH pumps for every 4 out of 12 buckets since the day I started, and I was always pleased with the results. Since I got rid of all the grow tents and expanded my grow space, I didn't really give it much thought to upgrade the air pumps after increasing the number of buckets. But that will certainly be changed as of this week. I plan to run 5 buckets per 1744 GPH pump, and I just ordered 2 more pumps to supply the other 10 buckets I'll be using. I can always just divvy up the 951 GPH pumps I have in the event of an emergency. And now that I'm gonna use 15 buckets instead of 18, I'm eager to see what the results will be next harvest.
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