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:welcome: to TGIS! :Namaste:

Enough small talk! Let's get to the nitty-gritty! :)
Started the germ 2 days ago... Last night most had pop'ed so I moved them into cups of soil. This morning Fruit is the only one to come out of the soil.

What strain is it? Well...
1- NL Automatic from G13 Labs
2- Automatic Northern Light from Royal Queen Seeds
3- Royal Dwarf from Royal Queen Seeds
4- Fruit Automatic from DinaFem
5- Critical+ Automatic from DinaFem
6- Il Diavolo from Delicious Seeds
7- La Diva from Delicious Seeds
8- Diesel Ryder from Lowryder Seeds
9- Afghan Kush Ryder from World of Seeds

Is it in Veg or Flower stage? These are all in germination stage I suppose! All are autoflowering plants and this isn't an issue... Or its a muddy one, that we wont be touching!

Indoor or outdoor? Indoor my friends!

Soil or Hydro? Soil!

If soil... what is in your mix? Currently using FFOF

If soil... What size pot? Currently in Dixie Cups, will be moved to 1 gallon airpots.

Size of light?Right now I've got a 90watt UFO.. We will be upgrading to using both the 90watt UFO and a 400watt CMH

Is it aircooled? If its not air cooling it then idk whats floating around.

Temp of Room/cab? It's a good 75- 78 degrees nearly all the time.

RH of Room/cab? I don't have anything to read this at the time.

PH of media or res? Not gonna check, blind faith time guys!

Any Pests ? A very rambunctious Kitten, but he is terrorizing the x-mas tree at the moment.

How often are you watering? When needed.

Type and strength of ferts used? Whatever is in FFOF! I want to move onto an organic nutrient line. I would really like to use BPN, but we will see.. It's not the cost, its the shipping that gets you when you live in the middle of the pacific! So it depends if they have something cheaper that would work at local hydro stores...


So! The beginning of these babies lives will be in my closet... Then they will move to the tent once its completed... Wish me luck guys! If anyone has any questions feel free to ask! :thanks:
Woo! Just looked at the babies, Critical+ and Fruit are up. The picture is from yesterday, I'll update tonight. Hopefully they will all be poking their heads out soon! :) Tonight I'll also put a little more about the strains.
Think I'll just wait and post pictures tomorrow morning. There are four hitting the surface now... They are...

Fruit, Critical+, Il Diavolo, and Auto Northern Light.... I think I see something on the Afghan Kush... But it could be wishful thinking. Its the one I really am most excited about...

Okay about the strains...

1- NL Automatic from G13 Labs Northern Lights x Unknown Ruderalis ~ 60 days from seed
2- Automatic Northern Light from Royal Queen SeedsNorthern Light x Unknown Ruderalis ~67 days from seed
3- Royal Dwarf from Royal Queen Seeds{Unknown Skunk x Unknown Strain} x Unknown Ruderalis ~60 days from seed
4- Fruit Automatic from DinaFemRoadrunner x Sweet Pink Grapefruit ~63 days from seed
5- Critical+ Automatic from DinaFemCritical+ x Roadrunner ~68 days from seed
6- Il Diavolo from Delicious SeedsCritical+ x Unknown Ruderalis ~60 days from seed
7- La Diva from Delicious SeedsBlueberry x Il Diavolo ~60 days from seed
8- Diesel Ryder from Lowryder SeedsNYC Diesel x Lowryder #2 ~60 days from seed
9- Afghan Kush Ryder from World of SeedsAfgan Kush x Unknown Ruderalis ~64 days from seed

From my experience when they say 60 days it could be anything from 60-100 days! Not that I care, I'm not going anywhere! :)

:) hopefully I get more than OMM did on his autoflower plants! I really have no idea what to expect.. But it will be fun! Have a good night 420 people!
HoKay... Yikes, okay so this morning... We have all but two poking up at the soil... Sadly, one of those two is the Afghan Kush.. The other is the Diesel Ryder which I wouldn't be to upset if it died.

Pictures prolly later in the afternoon or evening... Woke up late and have some running around to do! :)
Hot diggity, no more fooling around says he
Autos coming out of the ground for TH by the sea


Woohoo! Got my first visitor! :thanks:
And its the Gator!

Now I gotta get serious about pictures! Coming right up!

So we're on like... day three or something today. Here we go!


Another Group shot a little out of the LED...

Fruit Automatic

Critical + Auto

Northern Light Auto

Royal Dwarf

Il Diavolo

La Diva

Thats the picture update! I think the other NL is starting to pop out, but I cant really see anything on Afghan and Diesel like I said earlier..

OH! and There is one more, that will be a gift for a good friend after I repot it and it gets a little bigger...


And heres THsea's new addition to his cannabis containers...

Okay! Thats enough of that. Hope you all enjoyed it! :thanks:
I'm in too. I like blind faith in soil and want to watch the CMH too.


In Soil We Trust! ;)

Yea, I'm pretty excited about getting the CMH also... No one on island carries them though, gonna have to order it and the ballast.. Plus the airpots. Everything else I'll try to get on island.. Seriously considering just skipping most nutes and asking a buddy if I can use some of his OC+... Blah, decisions decisions! One thing I intend to get is SnowStorm Ultra :love: local shops carry that.
I run CMH, have a 400 working now. Any any old school mag ballast will drive them.
I obviously like them, but have no emperical data to support this. Oh, well.

I think the broader spectrum is a good thing... From what I've heard they perform great for both vegetative state and flowering.

Going to run it and the 90watt LED... I'm hoping it performs well. I never want to purchase medicine again!

Looks like fun. Brought my own lawn chair.

Hey BCBudd! We use beach chairs here in Hawaii! And there are enough for everyone! :thumb:

I'm Subbed... gunna be interesting to watch another auto journal.. last one I saw didn't go down as, much luck to you..

Jdub you know it! A good friend of mine likes photo's and thinks these things are worthless! So here we are.. :high-five:
Ha.. same theory behind my current grow, roomate said that t5 and cfl wouldnt produce anything... Well isnt he, hope u can prove Ur friend wrong also
I am definitely in...would love to be there sitting next to ya feeling the island breeze mon! I never worked with autos but I am willing to sit and learn...
LOL@monster cat. I have to fight my cat when it comes to keeping him out of my closet. He hasn't eaten any of the plants yet, knock on wood but I think the smell drives him nuts. Maybe it reminds him of catnip....
Cats are sneaky, trifling boogers. They got no sense of propriety, but...
They do little harm, once seedlings are burly babes in full growth.
I indulge mine, who parties till he pukes. Then I wipe it up, and ask him if he had a good time.
His typical answer? Snore & twitch :peace:
Haha! Since all the posts are related to our latest addition to the family...

The kitten, named Eli, is not allowed in my room unsupervised! He isn't allowed in the garage, which is the final destination of these plants... He has taken to knocking over house plants. He's climbed out xmas tree and knocked off a good fraction of the branches and ornaments! :) I think he is fun, smart and very much a "people" cat.. Not very coordinated though. Might be his eyes, he had ulcers on them but they have been treated..

Now, back to the topic! ;)

So seven are up... Still no diesel or afghan... The other NL auto popped up today... So maybe there is still hope for the other two.

I'll post pictures tonight guys :) Thanks again to everyone for stopping by!
:popcorn: Not here much as I've been stayin' clean myself, but will check in from time to time. Hope you've been healthy! :Namaste:

EDIT: Oh, Merry Christmas my friend!
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