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Authorization to Possess ( ATP ): Grants licencee per-mission to possess an amount of marijuana consistent with the recommendations of the endorsing physician.

. Personal-use Production Licence ( PPL ): A personal use production licence permits the holder to legally cultivate marijuana in an amount consistent with their medical needs and the terms of the licence.

. Designated-person Production Licence ( DPL ): Permits a designated individual of the licence holder's choice to cultivate marijuana for the licence holder, consistent with their medical needs and the terms of the licence.

Possessing one of the above-mentioned licenses is no guarantee of easy access to therapeutic dope. The recent experience of Tim Wilkins is illustrative of the barriers that remain once a Personal-use Production Licence is issued.

Evicted from one apartment for growing-despite the fact that he holds a licence that permits him to do so-and unable to grow in his new home, Wilkins posted an ad on internet classified site Craigslist inviting potential landlords who would be willing to host his modest grow operation. Eventually settling on a late middle-age professional couple who lived on a small hobby farm, Wilkins felt he had found the perfect spot. However, despite clear expectations of the access he would require to the basement where the cannabis would be farmed, Wilkins says the relationship with his landlords soon disintegrated.

They demanded keys to the padlocks Wilkins placed on the doors-strictly forbidden under the terms of the MMAR. They refused access to the site at intervals crucial to achieving maximum yield from the plants, and finally, they demanded to be present whenever he was entering the premises.

Eventually Wilkins had to chop the plants and find an alternative drying and curing location-which cost him 20 percent of his yield.

If any Monday readers know a place Wilkins can establish a legal personal-use medical marijuana grow, he can be reached at joebloggs35@gmail.com.

Source: Monday Magazine
Author: Jason Youmans
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Website: Monday Magazine
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