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Tickets For Marijuana Possession OK'd

Jim Finnel

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MANITOWOC,WI. — Possession of marijuana is now an ordinance violation, and first-timers who get caught with the drug face a city citation rather than a misdemeanor charge.

The Common Council decided Monday to make the change from the current system, which charges all offenders in circuit court, leaving them with the possibility of $1,000 in fines, six months in jail and a six-month driver's license suspension.

"This is not a decriminalization of marijuana," Alderman Paul Tittl said. "Some people are misunderstanding this."

Under the new rules, anyone caught with more than 8 grams of marijuana will automatically be charged with the misdemeanor, and second and subsequent offenses will be handled in circuit court, District Attorney Mark Rohrer said in February. First offenders with less than 8 grams will get the city ticket.

Making the change to an ordinance prevents a county circuit court judge from expunging the offender's record after the sentence is served. A city citation can't be expunged, so the conviction will appear if there are any future offenses — possibly increasing penalties.

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