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tie colas in early flower?

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So today is 2nd week of flower and I have 3 colas that are way taller than the rest and I'm wondering if it will stress it too much or affect yield if I tie down colas even with rest of canopy. Please help
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That's what I was hoping for. Had to raise lights so they wouldn't get burned and there are a lot of bud sites lower down that probably would never mature. Also does it look like it has too much nitrogen. Sorry this is my first grow
They're very green leaves, but I don't see any signs of the leaves clawing, so I wouldn't worry. It's usually around week 5 or 6 that they'll start to change to light green and yellow, which is perfectly normal. But they look very healthy. My sour sky grow had green leaves that stayed that dark even on harvest day. Just keep an eye out if the leaves tips start to bend down really hard.
With just a pic I would have guessed week 5 of flower.
I count from the flip.