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TIG2's First Grow - CoCo Hempy OC+ AutoFlower Grow - 2011


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Hi everyone. Its time to fire up the HID lights and start tomato and pepper seeds so I added a few other seeds this year,

Strains (1 each):
- Short Stuff - Auto Assassin - Feminized
- Short Stuff - Snowryder - Feminized
- Advanced - Low Girl Automatic - Feminized
- Sweet - Fast Bud Automatic - Feminized

Media and Nutrients:
- Coco and OC+
- GH flora, bloom and micro for foliar feeding
- Cal-Mag

Three seeds were started in 6 inch diameter tubs and on in an 8 inch diameter tub. I plan to transplant to larger buckets.

- Well water - 160 ppm cold (190 ppm hot)
- pH 7.4 -
- Water softener using potassium salt and an aeration system and sand bed filter to remove iron and manganese .

- 1 250 W with either CMH and sodium lamps.
- 3 400 W with CMH, MH conversion and sodium (standard, Agrosun Red, and Son Agro)
Currently the seedlings are between the 250 CMH and a 400 Sodium, leaving room for cooling from a fan above the lights blowing down on the seedlings. When they are transplanted I expect them to be directly under a 400 CMH.
I started with them under the 400 MH conversion bulb ut had a problem with overheating.

The lights are on 24 hours a day.

Seeds were soaked in tap water for 10 hours and planted in coco. Three seeds were planted in 6 inch diameter tubs and one in an 8 inch tub. I plan to transplant these plants to something larger. I am undecided on the size of the final bucket size but am leaning toward 5 gallon buckets or cut down 5 gallon buckets.

The seeds all sprouted over 4 days.

I added a thin layer of Hydroton added over the coco to avoid uprooting the plant when watering (as riprap)

Today the seedlings are 3/4 to 1 3/4 inches tall (from hydroton).

Photos show the seedlings yesterday, 9 days after planting.

The four tubs (and some tomato plants nearby).




Low Girl:


Fast Bud:


Auto Assassin:



I am concerned about the Snowryder. It doesn't look healthy. It may have been overheated before I set up fans blowing down from above. I started with the 400 MH conversion lamp above the seedlings and the temperature at the seedling reached 90 before I moved the lights and added the fans above the lights.

Advice will be appreciated.

Is the Snowryder OK?
How large should the buckets I transplant to be?
How long should I wait to transplant ? (Or how big should the plants be when I Transplant?)


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Re: TIG2's First grow - CoCo Hempy OC+ AutoFlower Grow -2011

How long should I wait to transplant ? (Or how big should the plants be when I Transplant?)[/SIZE]

I'm in for a coco hempy :thumb:

What size are those buckets you've started in? How big do you want them to get? How big can they really get? :smokin:

As far as the SnowRyder, at that age, if you have the heat issue worked out, she might make it. If not, you haven't lost too much time to start again.




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Re: TIG2's First grow - CoCo Hempy OC+ AutoFlower Grow -2011

What size are those buckets you've started in? How big do you want them to get? How big can they really get?

The three smaller tubs are 6 inch diameter and 6 inches tall. This is a capacity of about 2 quarts.

The bigger one (with Auto Assassin) is 8 inches in diameter and 6.5 inches tall and about double the volume.

Using the catalog entries the expected sizes are:
Fast Bud Automatic 40 - 90 cm 7.5 weeks
Auto Assassin 20 - 30 inches 8 - 9 weeks
Low Girl Automatic 20 - 70 inches indoors 1 meter outdoor 60 days
Snowryder 10 - 15 inches 10 weeks

My grow room is big enough for these plants to be maximum size even with the peppers and tomatoes growing at the same time. I want the largest reasonable production.

I don't think that the 6 inch tub would be stable with a 15 inch plant and know that the 6 inch tub would be unstable with a plant approaching a meter tall.
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Re: TIG2's First grow - CoCo Hempy OC+ AutoFlower Grow -2011

Saturday the Snowryder and Low Girl started smelling like a skunk. I have an Ona bucket with a salvaged computer fan running for odor control.

Sunday I repotted the plants into two gallon (9.5 inch dia. x 10 inch) buckets. The 3 plants in the 6 inch (two quart) tubs were root bound and needed repotting! There was no problem removing the coco from each tub in one piece. The roots held tight.

The 8 inch (one gallon) tub (with Auto Assissin) was not root bound and the coco crumbled. I broke off much of the lower roots while transplanting this plant.

Today all the plants look healthy and happy in their new tubs. I assume that the growth of the Auto Assissin will be slowed by the loss of the bottom roots.

I am amazed that the three plants could become root bound in 6 inch pots after only 2 weeks. These plants will spend th rest of their lives the two gallon buckets. Next time I grow seedlings I will transplant into 3 or 5 gallon (14 inch diameter) buckets.


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Re: TIG2's First grow - CoCo Hempy OC+ AutoFlower Grow -2011

The loss of the lower roots of the Auto Assassin ended up not mattering.

The Auto Assassin was slightly smaller than the other 3 plants. It was the right foreground in the photo of the 4 plants at 21 days.

The Auto Assassin was a male. I saw the male flower spheres when I transplanted but hoped I was wrong and didn't post the close up and ask the question for a few more days.

It was terminated on day 21.


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Re: TIG2's First grow - CoCo Hempy OC+ AutoFlower Grow -2011

I planted 4 more seeds:

60 Day Wonder
Titan Auto
Auto Maria II

I soaked the seeds in water for 12 hours and planted in coco.

The AK48 seed came apart while soaking. When planted it was two pieces of shell and the core. It did not sprout.

Here is a photo 11 days after planting.



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I have been busy and updates to this log have fallen behind. I plan to catch up over the next few days.

At 43 days I harvested the Low Girl with a 50-50 mixture of clear and amber trichomes on the buds and leaves around the buds. There were male flowers developing at the bottom of each stem. I got 54.4 grams of bud (as harvested) and 59.9 grams of leaves and trim.

I was surprised that the Low Girl was ready far before the expected 60 days.









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After harvesting the Low Girl I got a 1000W ballast and bulb (used via ebay). I put them under a dual arc 1000w bulb and the leaves started yellowing. Rather than look at the plant problem photos here or the books I have. I just assumed that they were too close to the now hotter bulb.

Moving the reflector up did not help. The problem was a Magnesium deficiency. What hurts is that I had both Cal-Mag and Epsom salt sitting on the shelf unused.

I finally realized that Magnesium was the problem and fed the plants with Cal-Mag, Epsom salt, and Dolomite Lime.

Scott Wheelman

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High TIG2 -

It looks like you were REALLY close to finishing this grow.

How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info! :1:

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial:
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I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!
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