Time For A Change: Current Culture To The Bucket Company!


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So some of you might be asking yourself im I crazy to of sold my upgraded current culture setup for the bucket company and the question is...Is having 40-150gal of water in a rdwc setup at all times plus all the power of air and water pumps really worth it for a personal grow plus the constant worry of having a leak and a problem when I am sick
As I am disabled and I spend about 1 week a month in the hospital..And if something would happen when im sick or in the hospital I would be screwed as I'm in a finished basement and the drain is at least 30ft from the room so I would rather not end up with a waiting pool that's for sure as that's not a if it will happen but when...I had a brand new bucket crack on me in 4mo of use only as well and luckily I was home and the water alarm went off and was able to fix it with a spare bucket ...
So I'm very happy to no longer have that worry plus I have gotten rid of lots of power getting used by pumps and such..As yes I still have pumps now but they won't run 247 and they are dc pumps with speed controls too which decreases power too by about 2/3 from a 50w Ac 500gph to a DC 23w 660gph pump in which I'll run at like 300gph pry which also will improve the life of the unit not having to run full tilt all the time....So onto the grow.......

Propagation- superponics 2x2 cabinet, x2 hlg qb132 v1 3500k with x2 mean well 60w drivers one light per shelf...t.b.c 1.2gal medical ez pz buckets x8.. growstones gs-1 for media..5gal cooler for the res, DC 660gph pump, Ac infinity pc fan and USB oscillating fans, x2 4in carbon filters and pc fans for the exhaust and a condensate pump that does 10.6gph for my drain pump that goes back into the res...This cabient I will use for males from time to time as well if they are worthy that is....
It should be finished in the next cpl days waiting on a few parts still but getting there and then it's on to my other x2 setups I have to build yet as well...

Veg tent-- sunhut 4.6x4.6x6.3ft tent, hlg qb 132 v1 3500k x4 with meanweall 240w driver however I'm about to be getting a scynce raging kush led as well for it ..Which is going to be dopetastic. T.b.c x8 1.2gal medical buckets, DC 1056gph pump, ac infinity t6, vivosun 6in carbon filter and silencer, Rh/temp sensor push for all rooms and even dry cure buckets too

Veg tent pheno setup now I will now be using my veg tent to pheno hunt when need be in which I will take the x8 buckets out of my cabinet and put them in the veg tent for 16 buckets in which I'm designing both setups so they are easily able to take apart and switch back and fourth when need be and not have to glue or change anything make it as easy as possible and it will all be with pvc as well...

Bloom tent- 8x4 quick green cube tent, t.b.c 3gal medical planters x8 ,
hlg 320w v1x4 ,meizhi 300r does 139w x2 I use it for reds mainly....I will be getting x2 raging Kush in the fall when the new model comes out that I'm waiting for.. hyperfan 8in, Ac infinity carbon filter, Titan 6 controller,

Which I have not seen anyone else do something like this not to mention the vertical cabinet I'm doing with t.b.c too so stick around it's about to be DOPETASTIC TERPTASTIC IN HERE!!!!!....After everything is built as I got most of the parts buckets wise and all just need a few more things then I'm going to start working on automating my grow so I can control it by my phone and cameras that pan,tilt,zoom etc as well so it's def not wanting to be missed

Here's the cabinet pics I have done so far...And more to come so stay stoned and tuned in going to be a great grow ...


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There's a white lid right next to it as my res is a 5gal cooler so of course there's a lid and it's in my closet so doesn't really get light even if it didn't just took the pic to show the setup and all and zero airstones or airpumps ....Or are u talking about the white buckets themselves since the res is red with. White liner...And no light leaks from the buckets either ...They are coming out with lids for them soon and will be a game changer and can't wait for them to come out gna switch it to a rainfall setup it's going to be soooo dope and will save lots of work on cleaning media as they will use 3 or 4in net pots

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All good. Thought I'd just check. Looks like a good system. I have a cupboard I want to go two levels but thinking using soil. Paranoid about leaks.


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My cabinet is just for propagation as I have a veg and bloom setup as well as each shelf is 30in tall I could make it work if I had to ..But no point when I have a 4.5x4.5ft veg tent and a 8x4 for bloom which will have 3gal planters instead of the 1.2gal from prop and veg plus makes transplanting a breeze from cabinet to veg tent so works for me.....If your worried about leaks then waterproof ur cupboard or get a different one as u can make a grow cabinet out of anything just about.....
But for someone like me who is disability that needs to have their medicine and since I press 90% of my crop almost..So I need to have the space I have to keep up with my personal demand and making sho live rosin ...As I have a custom made rosin press and it's hella dope and bitchn that's for sure


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So I got the veg tent done for the most part waiting on some gaskets which will be here in a few days but all piping is done... However I think I'm going to change it from a 8 or 16 site w pheno hunting and just do a 12 site at all times as I have the buckets plus have them for bloom too so I think I'm just gonna do that it would make it easier as in for seeds as fems come 6pk usually so it would be just easier to deal with and or could do 3 strains x4 or 4strains x3 and do it like that...
I'm also going to be changing up the drain setup for bloom as I'm going to try a hybrid setup and do hose and straight barb off the drain of the buckets and then go into a pvc tee close to the floor which is the drain manifold vs having to do all pvc as with the hose it's stupid easy to disconnect from the system to go clean it or w e vs having to unscrew the tee from the inside of the bucket when I can just take the hose off easily and can do that even when the system is up and running too since the manifold is almost on the floor vs up against the drain Hole...
Hopefully it will drain like I plan. And no issues there vs the tee to the drain hole directly like I did for veg which I might end up changing in a few grows or something but will c compare the 2 and go from there on what I like best... So stay tuned so my cabinet is quite full and needs to get transplanted but they will in a few days when I get my shit so stick around it's about to be a jungle in here and bout to get stanky and sticky....
However I can't wait for my next crop as I got 3 strains which are in my top favorites hands down however they are 15+years old and was stored in a sock drawer or a safe...So not the greatest storing I may have to work some green thumb magic just to get them to germinate as I will be doing ............. Humboldt Kush wish I woke up the other morning and that's all I could smell it was crazy and haven't had it in 15+years....
And next is the Willy's and black Jamaican banana and those 2 ooooooweeeeeeee some true 1 hitter quiter type shit and that shit would have u stoned all day long and u smoke enough of it u will forget ur name it was great so ya and since u can't buy any of those any where period I can't wait as im gna be growing them for quite some time def gna make some more seeds off them and go from there do some back crossing etc and go from there but yeah can't wait to make some live rosin from it too hell's yesss.....
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