Time To Declare War On Drugs Over


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As a Bible-believing Christian, senior citizen with a long history of observing society and surgeon who has cared for the ills of people for the last 40 years, I would like to ask the people of New Hampshire to seriously consider declaring the “war on drugs” won and establish a licensed sales program similar to that used to distribute alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

I must add that I have never used marijuana or any other mind-altering drug. I believe they ought not to be used at all by any one.

The “war” cannot be won because the majority of users are productive citizens who desire to use them “recreationally.” The battle corrupts more law enforcement agents than we imagine. The cost is incredibly high financially and morally.

Perhaps, most importantly, there is no evidence to suggest that it is accomplishing anything positive. The money used to fight this war and the money from regulated, legal sales can be used to meet health-care costs for those who are unable to pay.

The lessons learned by repealing Prohibition seem to have been missed by those who create our laws.

The number of alcohol-related accidents and health care problems did not increase dramatically.

The number of divorces related to alcoholism did not increase dramatically. Illegal acts related to the production and sale of alcohol dropped precipitously.

Talk to your kids, your parents, your teachers, your clergy, your friends and your legislators. Let the dialogue begin.

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