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Time to flush?


Hello there guys. Was just wondering if it is time to start flushing. It is around 6 weeks into flowering and some if the top buds have around 50/50 orange to white hairs. I was going to flush for two weeks . My brother broke my microscope, so can't check the trichomes so was thinking maybe you guys could help decide with me. Thanks a lot. Pictures are attached


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Chris Scorpio

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I'll give u my $1.02 worth

I don't flush, many many dont

Buds realllllllllllly fatten up in the last few weeks if growth, pulling all their food can stop or diminish that

Plus lots of new data stating flushing dosent help at all.

I know my plants taste great and no harshness at all

Plus...I'd say ya got a week or so more... Get a microscope app for yer phone, works great for me


Alright thanks a lot, will follow that advice and I'm sure it will pay off <3. Will get an app as well


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giving nothing but water for 2 weeks is the same thing as starving a hungry plant... it is not flushing. Flushing is the act of running 3x the container size in water, through the soil. A 5 gallon container takes 15 gallons of water. That is a flush, and it cleans the soil of any accumulated salts and debris and assures full uptake from that point forward. After flushing at the appropriate time, the point of the beginning of final bud stretch about 2 weeks until the end, there is no reason at all to not continue to give nutes, especially finishing nutes like from our great sponsor Terpinator, so that you can get the very best buds possible from that plant. A starvation diet is NOT the way to accomplish this.
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