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Time To Harvest First Plant Of 6 2021

Morda Grown

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So today the first lady was harvested and first trim done. I will do a final trim in a couple days. I d not do a wet weight because I don't want the stems in my weight. In about 2 weeks I will trim the buds off the stems and get my first weight. I;m very happy with this plant and can't wait to see the final weight.

Week 9 of Flower
About 5% Amber, 5% Clear, 90% Cloudy
Wanted a less couch lock buzz and more energetic and better for pain. This is 1 of 4 Pazkooies that I have. I'm going to try and take the one at 10% Amber, then 20% and lastly 30%. I'm letting my Kush plants go to 20-30%

Trichome Micro
seed2 HD Micro.jpg

Plant Harvested:

Main Cola
Stepping Into The Unknown Hybryid.jpg

Main Cola After Trim
Seed 2 Main Trim Cola.jpg

Full Main Cola
Seed 2 Main Trim Cola-full.jpg

All Branches Hung to Dry
Seed 2 dryin-full.jpg


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Wanted a less couch lock buzz and more energetic and better for pain
I've noticed more and more folks are making that same (similar) statement, including yours truly about the non couch-lock feeling.
Nice looking plant. May try it myself next spring.
Spark up

Morda Grown

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Still have 5 more plants to go, they need more time yet as the percentages of clear, cloudy, to amber are not there yet. Did a test dry on one branch of this plant for a estimated dry weight and got 9.25g off the one branch. :yahoo:

Morda Grown

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Congrats. Looks very nice indeed. Save your trim and make some butter.
I save my trim for hash. :) I still have a second trim to do on these and that is what I use for hash. Most of what came off first were just fan leaves and were sweep up and tossed.

This is the one that I'm watch close and my be next.
Seed-4_LateFlower PurpleMainCola.jpg

Morda Grown

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Doing my weekly check and found Purple Trichome? Those are not on the charts. :19: going up the left side of the sugar leaf on the right.


Close up


Morda Grown

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This one plants dry yield (not fully cured), 184.91gm, 6.5oz. I have 5 more plants to go and looking like 2 of those will come down tomorrow or Sun, depends on the weather. :lot-o-toke:
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