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Timed ozone treatment for eliminating pests, odor, and keeping grow room hospitable..


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I am considering (at least preemptively) setting up a barebones ozone generator with dispersal fan on a timer to inoculate my grow area about 3 times daily, for about 30 minutes each time. I want to control odor, control pests (I have none yet), and I want to ensure my secret closet doesn't remain stank after each grow.

Here I am hoping that at least one of you has actually tried a timed treatment schedule and can let me know if you were pleases/not-pleased with the results. The ozone generator I am considering is on Amazon, and is called the Foreverozone 7000 mg/h barebones ozone generator. Considering the cost is about $90, it is less expensive than full carbon filtration and appears to help control pests such as mites, spiders, and other small insects. I may also consider purchasing a second unit and installing upstairs on the main level with a staggered release schedule to control any odors that may creep out of the front door if men in blue try knocking to see how I'm doing.

So, have any of you tried scheduled release of ozone to control the above-mentioned issues? I realize carbon filtration is the most talked about, but I am keeping it simple, small, and hopefully stoned with a single Northern Light plant at any given time.

Thanks in advance!
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