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Timer malfunction during flowering : lights going off for 30 mins

Hey folks, Ive only just discovered this. My timer has a few stuck contacts i think.

I have lights on from 8pm to 8am, and im currently 4 weeks into flower.

Last night I found out my bloody timer is switching off for 30 mins at 3am then switching back on. Only reason I found out was because I couldnt sleep last night. So this has been going on since I flipped them.

I was wondering why they had stunted a little bit, and im putting it down to this. Ive not seen any signs of hermies yet, but Im paranoid now.

Will the lights going off for that period of time stress them out enough to hermie them ?
Better than the alternative of lights ON during lights out

They should be fine, just fix it and move on..

Probably cornfused them a bit but nothing bad

Cheers bud. I cant even guage how they should be to how they are currently. I made some seeds on my last run and its first time trying them, so this is is going to be a bit of a shitty test run on them. Ive kept a mom of this cut, so if it turns out fairly decent ill run it again. They look nice a frosty and are sturdy as fuck, just not where I would have put them weight wise for the time frame. These branches aint gonna need no tieing up, theyre like bamboo sticks.

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