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Timer problems

As with most growers, ive experienced problems with timers failing to switch off.The cause of that annoying little problem is the microswitch sticking,especially on the 18/6 cycle. Well,I idecided to try to fix the problem once and for all. What I did was drill a hole about a millimetre wide and put 3in 1 oil inside. I dont have that problem of sticking anymore. Be careful not to over oil it as it may screw it up. Hope that helps.
The timer microswitch is easy to spot once you open it up.Its a little box,usually black in colour,with a white bit sticking out of the side. A lever presses against this to make contact. I havent installed kodac share on my PC yet so cant post pic. I will do so soon as I can,with a clear view of what you need to see. The timers are standard type,not digital. The reason I bothered to find a solution is because im pissed off of buying things at the prices they ask.

Captain Kronic

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IMO... if I had a timer... any timer that started not working perfectly... I would shite can it ASAP!
The thing is, I have way too much riding on a $20 or so dollar timer to risk that it will keep working right once I have messed w/it!

Good on ya though for coming up w/a fix that would carry ya through till another can be obtained... +rep for the OP!

PS... looking forward to seeing those pics... knowledge is power and... none of us knows more than all of us!
I didnt open up the microswitch itself,but drilled a small hole for the oil. I guess it dries up after a while and causes it to stick. If you do open the switch you`ll damage it.
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