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Timing pre-harvest flushing; want to harvest for more cerebral experience


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So, since this is my first grow, I have no experience with how quickly some of the transitions take, particularly concerning the trichomes color change from clear to white, and then to amber. I believe I want to harvest when the trichomes are turning white and cloudy to emphasize a more cerebral high. My understanding is that is it generally advised to start flushing with pH'd water (without nutrients) around one week before harvesting.

Currently, the trichomes are clear, but I have no idea how long it will take until they start turning white. It could be tomorrow; it could be in a week, or two??? This creates the problem that since the timing of flushing is dependent on that unknown time in the future, I'm not sure when a week before that date will occur. I don't want to flush too late, as that will push the harvest out later too. I've read many threads on the whys, hows and whens of flushing, but none of them have made it clear to me how I can determine when a week before the trichomes will turn white will occur.

Can anyone help?

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Hi, Your plants look great!! I'm sure you will enjoy harvest when you get it. I like the netting you have to hold up the bud - is it homemade or a commercial net? I want to get one. How tall are your plants now?

The timing question is one I have also - may be only learned thru experience and keep a good log.



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Hey, thanks hitman. I got the netting at a hydro shop. I think it was around $15 or so. I think next time I'll apply it earlier in the grow during veg and I intend to grow a few more. My plant is about 36" tall. I snipped a bit yesterday and am trying to determine if I should do a full harvest or wait and keep monitoring the trichomes. It might have another week to go or so, but I've started flushing. This is my first grow and it's hard to see the trichome coloring details with the loupe I have, so I was hoping for some wisdom in this thread from one of the gurus with a lot of experience :) Maybe someone can tell from the bud I plucked?

Here's the bud I snipped yesterday. Man, it really smells awesome!



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I know when your going for 30 % amber on a indica dominate plant you want to start flushing when your at 50/50 cloudy to clear ratio. So your doing the right thing already with you flush and done be scared to go two to three weeks flushing till you get where u want. All the buds are going to do is keep swelling


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Cool, thanks ricketyross. That is helpful info.

I ended up harvesting when the triches were getting mostly cloudy and the buds are curing now. So far, testing has met my expectations and things are good :) I think I could've harvested a few days earlier though, so next time will consider that.
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