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Tincture/lotion questions: pain relief


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Hello all! I have some questions that I'm hoping you'll be able to help with. I've been a long time smoker, am new to the idea of tinctures and thc lotions. My goal is to treat pain and inflammation as I am dealing with dupuytrens disease and have painful nodules/tendons on my hands. The tendons are tightening and will eventually curl my fingers in. I read an article about cannabis infused lotion helping someone and wanted to try it out.
I've been reading about making tinctures from bud, and I grow my own so I do have access to bud, trimmings, etc. Some posts I've read suggest making the tincture through the freezer process with alcohol extraction, then boiling off the alcohol to get a more pure liquid. This can then be used to make topical lotions I believe? Other methods I've seen are more like the process I've used to make edibles, but rather than boiling into butter/oil the ground bud is heated directly into the lotion.
I'm curious who has experience with creating a pain and anti-inflammatory tincture or lotion, and what method might best serve my needs? Again my goal is mainly to treat pain, but also inflammation. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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I'll page our local expert cannabis nurse, lol. @SweetSue , do you have a minute?

She might not - she just moved halfway across the country and her new (to her) house isn't quite ready yet, so things are most likely still pretty hectic in her world.
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