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I have been searching for recipes fot a tincture using everclear and have had different sites with different times
Some say store in jar for 10 days others say up to 4-5 weeks also should I put MMJ into oven for 10-20 min before making the tincture.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Pat


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If you are going to do a long soak, use the freezer. It will help minimize chlorophyll in your end product. Not as much as using hash, but it will help.

Quick washes are to keep it "clean". Which is.. less chlorophyll to most people.

Remember to open the container daily, and shake it! Not when it's open though, bad idea.

The best part of using ever clear is that you can reduce it to potency easily. Remember to decarb... I saw that you said this is for pain management, this will be an important step for getting every last bit of that out of your tincture.

Edit: I usually do a fairly long soak. 2 weeks at least. I really do not like making it with bud anymore.. Part of that is because with hash, I do not filter my tinctures anymore.


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I tried the batch I made( tincture) seemed to work a bit I did not see that some recepies say to put MMJ in oven for 10-20 min to dry it out
will this make it a stronger tincture?
Thanks humr


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Hey brother, I know it seems counter-intuitive to do this process. There is some research on the subject, as the other poster said this process is often called 'decarbing'. It's properly called Decarboxylation, its an organic chemistry process that simply removes a CO2 molecule off of certain acids. These acids are known as "carboxylic acids".

As our friend go4 said, it takes that off the THCA chain to create a psychoactive form of THC. It also effects other cannabinoids.

This is something I'm still looking into... I've heard some dispensaries are now doing this process by baking at 350*f for 5 minutes. I have yet to try it... But if I find any GC-MS tests on this being done, I'll be convinced and change my ways... or at least try it (side by side).
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