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Two jars of tincture were made and set aside to condition. One jar was material and alcohol in a jar and set aside to brew for 30 days. The other jar was using a freezing method that has material ready for use in about five days. Alcohol used was Everclear, purchased in Niagara Falls USA, but Bacardi Rum can also be used. The method of use is drops under the tongue. This is more effective than smoking, and is more environmental friendly.
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Looks good man. I run all my grow into tincture.

I've experimented with the 30 day brew method, A 30 day brew in freezer, 3-5 day brew in freezer and the MB Machine. My favorite is probably the quick Freeze method. All of the other methods pull a lot of chlorophyll which affect both the color and taste.

One thing I have learned is that after you do your first run in the freezer - strain the material and put back in the jar and run another wash for 24-45 hours. It increases the THC content of you tincture by about 15-20%. After completion I evaporate down the Green Dragon by at least 50% to a strength of about 15 mg/ml


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I found the best way was to use a Pyrex measuring cup with a handle. I put that in a small sauce pan with water with some folded papertowel between the Pyrex and the pot (this allows the bubbles to escape and not rock the measuring cup too much. With a well ventilated fan I bring the water just barely to a simmer - you will see the Alcohol start to form little bubbles - Alcohol of course has a lower boiling point than water. I write down what the measurement is when I started and reduce it by at least 50%. Usually takes about 45 minutes.

One caution here - I use an electric stove. I would not do this around open flame as the fumes are extremely flammable.

If you have plenty of time I have also just set it in a cabinet with the lid off and it will evaporate down naturally over a couple weeks.
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