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Tiny insects infested my plant: 6th week of flowering!

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I'm currently growing 4 LSD by Barneys Farm and one bagseed (I think it's something cheese).
LSD has reached Day 40 and the Unknown about Day 50. The Problem with the Unknown is that it came from the outside, in my indoor flowering tent because it was too cold outside ... But the plant wasn't the only thing i brought inside my tent, After a few days I recognised those tine black spots and the upper side of the leave was shining. I guess those are tiny insects eating my plant away, and the shining spots is where they've eaten. I've read several post about Neem Oil but since i'm in Week 6 of flowering i'll contaminate my buds with the oil. Bud washing would be a solution but I don't fell save about this, still a noob but results are getting better! Can I just rub some neem oil on heavy infested leaves (a lot of work, but hopefully worth it).
What do you think?

Thank you guys very much!
Greatings from Austria!


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Thanks for the fast reply!
I've updated the pictures, hope you can identify it better!

Those tiny insects cover many leaves all over the plants, i think ripping all of them would be harmful
Some leaves are more infested than others (Those who are nearer to the cheese)

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Naw shinney on top of leaf thrips maybe either way damage is done few more weeks pull em bitches .

I don't know where the damage came from except of mites. Only Problem was my soil ph at being a const 8. Nothing looks too unhealthy (Had much worse problems, PH at 11, no nutes, root rott etc ... my thumb isn't the greenest)
Two Possibilities
1. My Ph Meter for is broken
2. The PH won't go under 8, doesn't matter how acidic my water is


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Shiny on the top side? You got broad mites. If you have damage, it’s going to be hard to rescue the plants. This is why you should have Stratiolaelaps in the soil and Fallacis and Cucumeris on the plants, which will cover you for broad mites, russet mites, spider mites, thrips, fungus gnats, and shitloads more. Get the good bugs in at the start in low numbers and it’s the cheapest option and the best results. All of these are available and produced in Canada.
Another weapon against broad mite is burning sulphur. If you’re going to try to win this war, start with a good water rinse plant pot and floor, then burn sulphur, then get Fallacis, Cucumeris, and Stratiolaelaps in.
By the time broad mite damage is visible, they are really established so this will be a tough rescue. Keep us updated...
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