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Tips for growing in coastal areas?


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Hello reader! Its been a while since my last grow and i'm really keen to get back to it..
anyway i have some pretty far out ideas for a big outdoor grow, but i also have a few questions!
if anyone feels like answering... do go ahead!

Mainly.. what sort of strains are compatible with coastal climates?

elevations around 200m above sea level, likely high winds, hot days and cold nights...

Would it be a good idea to take nutrient rich soil from a 'nearby' 'rainforesty' area and use that to grow in a more mountainous shrub-land type environment, where light would be more abundant?

and just any.. tips for coastal areas. feel free to direct me to any resources, such as journals.. i've been trawling the internet for a while hard to find anything worthwhile..

i'm planning on scouting some prime locations soon via kayak...
returning to check up on things now and then
i feel like saying im going kayaking is a good excuse to go kayaking and also grow some tasty ganja.. has anyone ever done similar?

thankyou if you feel like responding!

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The Purps or BC Coastal Haze are a couple that do well on the coast. I would suggest you start looking around for strains (if planting from seed) that are grown somewhere around your parallel to the equator.
If you do your homework I am sure you will find many more than I have mentioned... I just don't have time to look up anymore right now... peace out!


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one month ago, would have written up a journal but just too busy... peace my brothers and sisters
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