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I got a few good ganja books. Other then the cannabibles here's 3 of my personal favorites that really get indepth in the history, culture, smoking devices, rolling special joints etc.

The Cannabis Companion: The Ultimate Guide to Connoisseurship
By: Steven Wishnia

This book I find is excellant for the beginner-advanced smoker. It covers the basics on everything from smoking, rolling joints, basic types of smoking devices, favorite cannabis strains, getting the most out of smoking as well as the history of cannabis use and cultivation. It;s full of pictures and written in a very easy to understand way. The diagrams on rolling joints are clear and very easy to follow. It is a must in any cannabis afficendo's library.

Spliffs: A Celebration of Cannabis Culture
By: Nick Jones

This books covers just about everything anyone wanting to know about cannabis will want to know. It has a very indepth look at ths history of cannabis use, cultivation and prohibition. It has a good guide on some of the most popular strains and hashish avaliable. This book also goes on to talk about famous cannabis-loving celeberties, a guide to coffeeshops in Amsterdam as well has a handfull of recepies for yummy pot edibles. Another must have in any collection.

Spliffs 2: Further Adventures in Cannabis Culture
By: Tim Pilcher
ISBN: 782932551726

This book continues where Spliffs left off. It covers more of the celeberity stoners and marijuana influenced entertainment with sections such as Top 50 Greatest Potheads, Maui Wowie Music and Chronic Comedy. It also contains a good section on cannabis smoking accessories and a listing of common cannabis terms. This book ends off with a few recepies for cannabis cocktails and a cannabis FAQ. Again this book is a must have and I highly reccomend buying this at the same time as Spliffs as you will want to keep on reading.
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