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To early for harvest?


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I'm Growing 2 OG kush outside. They started flower 4-27.

2 days ago plants started to turn brown and dry up. today they are almost all dried up .and the stems started to turn brown all dried up. Also, buds are almost all dried up on the plants what do i do now?

I'm only 2/3 into my cycle .. do I harvest now or what? please help :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

This Arizona sun is a hot mother. Can any one help me out on what to do? they are only 2/3 s into my cycle.:helpsmilie:


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Check your trichomes, if they are mostly cloudy it may be worth it. If they are clear they probably will not be very potent if at all. Also not knowing why they turned bad like that there is always the potential they may have some type of fungus or disease and may not be safe to smoke. Flush would be a good place to start and see where that takes you.
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