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To feed or not to feed?

Joe Hemp

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I'm getting some fading in week four and a little yellowing on the leaf tips and margins.


Soil: Roots Organic w/ 20% Perlite added, in 10 gallon grow bags
Water: pH 6.3, dechlorinated with Prime
Nutrients: Bio Grow and Bio Bloom
Additives/Supplements: SLF-100, Potassium Silicate, Epsom Salts, CalMag, Recharge (beneficial bacteria, mycos, EWC)
Pest control: Floramite, Azamax, Neem Oil, Take Down
Climate: 77F/45%RH
Strain: Purple Mr Nice Guy, 3 feet tall scrog

At first I thought it was a nitrogen deficiency because of the fading, which is mostly on the tops of the plants and closest to the lights but then the yellowed tips and margins and the "clawed" leaves make me think burn.

I've been feeding them every other watering and following the suggested application rates for the Grow and the Bloom (10ml/gal Grow and I just upped the Bloom to 16ml/gal).

This is the best round I've ever had and I don't want to fuck it up this close to end. Overall they're looking pretty good, though.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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Week 4 it's natural to have some yellow leafs i see note burn try too flush with alot of water like 20-30 liters and add your flowering notes after flushing.


To much of one thing locks out others. looks like nute burn, cut back on your additives follow feeding schedule of base nutrients but not at full strength and add the additives when you need them not all at once

Major PITA

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I'd also recommend cutting back on nutrients. Too much 'N' in bloom is not a good thing. Looks like you have more than enough.

Joe Hemp

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm still leaning that whole "less is more" thing. Having said that, instead of a straight water flush I'm going to treat them with a tripled up application of SLF-100 for three days in a row. I had a similar situation after my first transplant a few months back and I did a little test where I flushed half of the plants with water and half were "flushed" with the SLF-100. The water flushed plants came back okay but looked stunted compared to the SLF-100 watered plants. I guess it's some kind salt eating enzyme. I'm not totally sure but my roots have never looked better.

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